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Ego 1

Project 3 – Ego has officially begun and this time round, we are tasked to create four rows of three squares worth of content which can best describe,

  1. My traits as a person in the first row
  2. What kind of a situation I envision myself being in
  3. The outcome of what I will become after going thru the ordeal of that situation


Across these twelve squares, I am required to create a narrative, metaphoric, abstract or symbolic approach.
I wasn’t quite sure on which one to choose nor did I want to limit myself to anything, hence I decided to try everything that comes across my mind.

1lonely-me 2meet-the-girl-of-my-life

Igor Morski

I came across the artwork of Igor Morski and thought that they were really intriguing and has some sort of narrative/message it wants to portray in a abstract manner. I am unsure if my work does turn out the way that I think it did but Igor Morski’s work was very much an inspiration for me as I strive to create my final boxes in the manner that he does for his famous art pieces.

I wasn’t a fan of his, didn’t even heard of his work before, but I definitely am one now. 🙂

regretful-me  surreal-poetry-riddlers-sage

In this project, we were expected to think deeply about the color theory and how to use it most effectively to portray the kind of feeling we would like to evoke from the audience through our art work.


Photo Collage

Very much similar to the Project 2 – Forrest Gump, in which we took materials from online and mash them all up together except that this time round, it involved colors!

I was researching online for interesting methods and came across a lot of artwork that applied Double Exposure which led me to try it for myself. This is a rough experiment which as evidently, wasn’t done very well as I try to understand how to do it.  There was a lot of masking involve and I have finally came to realize how important and useful masking is in Photoshop.


Digital Painting

Coming into ADM, I have always wanted to try digital painting and below is one of my attempt on digitally painting Jay Chou during my free time. Since this project didn’t limit us to any sort of medium, I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to try out Digital Painting once more.

me0 me1  me3

I started creating the base by applying the color I wanted and eventually applied different tones only to realize that I could work easier by painting in gray scale on one layer and then applying the color I want over the gray scale layer and it gets the gradual gradient tone I wanted. I thought the hair was really tough to create which led to me mashing it up with images I found online which resulted in a composition that I decide to retain towards the end of this project.

Exploring Color Schemes

I explored different color schemes by using the different types of layers in Photoshop.
They eventually created 3 different kinds of feeling to the same piece of collage I created which are

Explosive and Despair

breaking-through-walls-pl breaking-through-walls-exclusion



With that, I end my first post on the research and exploration of ideas for Project 3. In my next few posts, I’ll be going through on the concept and narrative of the series of my finalized pieces. Till then!

*Below are some of my drafts for my final composition*

love-2 love-of-my-life-low lonely-infatuated-me-exclusiondirection3 pressure puzzle-incomplete-1 oss