Process 1

Time to get my hands dirty

Started off with random brush strokes which wasn’t really productive…

Process 2

Marks produced with the ropes I brought for Mark Making Session 1

The texture of the ropes couldn’t really get itself imprinted onto the paper but what caught my attention was the strokes I was able to form with the rope by getting it inked and moving in a circular/random direction.

Process 3

Fat thumbs and Sponge

With my fat thumbs and Sponges! Was told by my classmate that the effect created looks somewhat similar to the science experiment we did back in Secondary school involving Iron(sulfate) or something.

Process 7

Guns and Roses

Try to create ‘love’ and ‘hate’ for this one with a rose effect done by tissue paper and blood splatters by splashing the brush!

Process 5

More of the above mentioned

Process 6

Trapped, Hazy, Wet, Irritating, Annoyed and Lemons

Process 4IMG_1154

Benji Out.