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The day I disappeared…


Leaving NTU on a Saturday morning made me felt as though I have disappeared from the lives of my family and friends of the outside world, the last time I felt this way was when I’m still in National Service

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Kidnapped by education, as I was last seen in ADM’s dungeon


So much time spent yet I’m getting nowhere


I feel like I’m drowning, could somebody save me? or wait, just leave me be

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I’m getting suicidal thoughts, should I be selfish and take my life and escape from reality? (no I don’t really have suicidal thoughts)


Would this be the scene as I vanish from Earth and ascend to…

The Seventh Heaven?

The Seventh Heaven?


Or would all these smoking be the death of me

As I just magically disappear from Earth


Could this be the first sight I see after death, that tunnel of light before I reached the heavens


or would I get a new lease of life after death as I grow out of it literally?


or would my first sight of Earth be in the nature as some sort of animal?

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Well either way, the day I disappear is when all that I am become nothing but just memories…