Zine: Process

P4144515 P4144516

I struggled a lot to figure how I’d bind the tracing papers in because the zine pages I planned out didn’t fit the typical saddle-stitch page format.

I didn’t want to perfect bind the zine because of how thin the zine is.

So, I decided that I would attach the tracing papers separately. Didn’t like the way the water waves didn’t cover the can completely, so I decided that I’m gonna adjust the waves such that they would all cover the “how pilot whales are viewed” with “how pilot whales should be”.

Also wanted to use the paper marbling I made for the typographic portrait project.

Zine: Research

I was looking for inspiration for project zine and came across this Going Home Zine by Rachel Katstaller.


Tracing paper was used as pages in this zine, and it gave my some ideas for my own zine.

Since my POV projects were about pilot whales and how they’re viewed, I could use the tracing paper to include the POV of how they want to be viewed.

Also, I was looking up the types of binding methods. I didn’t like the saddle stitch because of the look of it. I thought of using pamphlet stitch or the coptic stitch. But coptic stitch was more suited for books with a lot of pages….