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ZINE process (Part 1)

Hi all, sorry for the late uploads. In part 1, I’ll be talking about my research and some of my process/developments.


So my concept was doing illustrations on photography. These are some of the stuff that I found on pinterest. I thought that these could inspire me to get started.


Since I would be doing illustrations, these are some examples of illustrations by various artists.


Layout designs inspiration? 🙂



And here’s a cool children illustration book that Mimi recommended. Sadly, I couldnt get a hold of it since someone else borrowed the book from the library. So here’s a image I found online. It is called “little big books” by Geltalten.


Firstly, I went with the blue hue for my photos.

I thought they look really nice. These are some of the edited photos:

Following that, I continued to work on my concept of illustrations on photographs.

This was the first outcome. The feedback I got was that it was nice with the blue hues/tint and stuff, but Mimi would prefer me to focus in terms of architecture and not nature and I could see the disappointment T.T

Then I tried to do something else but this time, in colour:

The lines weren’t as clean in photoshop, so I tried out illustrator to recreate the mailman:

After this consultation, I scrapped the idea of drawing on nature. But I realised that drawing on a living creature is easier than drawing on architecture. However, the difficulty of drawing something on architecture? That is the challenge I will have to overcome.