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ZINE process (Part 3 – final)

Hi all, this will be the last part of my whole zine process.

After consultation, Mimi suggested that it would be best if I just focused on the monster in this zine. So I had to churn out a narrative. In this case, I thought it would be best if my whole narrative was about a monster that causes terror and destruction in the society (Jurong). So this monster would morph into buildings and things which meant that he destroyed the buildings. Furthermore, I went with the colour red and black since it looks more sinister and dark. So here is the original colour scheme that I had in mind.

The feedback I got was to make the red brighter, to make it pop, since that is the essence of the whole zine.

Moreover, I was thinking to make the tentacles on the bridge a little bigger since they look really small compared to the bridge. I wanted to make it look as if the monster overpowers the bridge.


Moving on, I made the red brighter, drew my designs and I encountered a problem. It is of course again, the typography.

Firstly, I tried out the capitalised handwritten typography. To me it looks too angry and in your face. It probably looks okay in this spread, but when I tried it on other spreads, it doesn’t look too good. Hence, I changed it.

Next, I tried to write a little bit neater. However, it doesn’t bring out the feels of the ravaging part. I realised when I scribbled the words as a draft, it looks much more genuine. Thus, I went ahead with that.

So here’s the final typography that I went with.

Just like that, I’m done with the designs for this zine. I printed this zine on Munken Lynx paper, 120gsm, that I got from RJ Paper. The contrast of the red and grey on the white background made the designs pop even more.



Enough of typing, I’ll now show you my final outcome!!

(back and front cover when it is flipped open)



Pages 8,1

Pages 2,3

Page 4

Page 5

Pages 6,7



After rounds and rounds of consultations with Mimi, I finally came to a conclusion of just focusing on this monster for my narrative. It makes the whole theme and whole narrative flow much better and in sync.

One thing I regretted most was my font/typography. I should have made the font smaller. After printing it, I realised the font was really too big and in your face. If I were to make this zine again, I’ll definitely make the font smaller. Also, I should have experimented more on handwritten typography.

Another thing is that I think that I would want to push myself further if there was a next time. I would try again with my initial blue tinted photos with white drawings for my zine. (who knows, I might make one during this holiday)

Overall, in conclusion, this was a really fun and fruitful project. Getting to finally create a zine of my own and feeling accomplished after I submitted it makes me feel like I am a true and real designer. I’m definitely looking forward to see how different my zines will turn out in Y2! 🙂

ZINE process (Part 2)

Hi all, so this will be my second process about my Zine.


As seen in Part 1, I wanted a blue hue. So I went onto illustrator to try it out. However, as you can see, it is too structured. I felt that hand-drawing it would look even better. So i stopped here and made a new drawing.

So here’s the one that i drew on. But the cons of this is that the tentacles ain’t as clear as the eyes. Also, one of the feedback that I got from Mimi was that since I’m going for a more ‘fun’ theme, I can extend out of the picture/canvas.

So yeahhh, i drew out of the lines and it looks nicer. But the feedback I received from friends are : Do you have to make the picture blue? Cause it doesn’t look like it fits the picture as a whole. So I changed the colour of the whole thing.

I tried black and white. But still doesn’t look as nice.

So finally, I decided to go for colours. Also, the feedback i got for this was to remove the frame around the photo and the extra space at the bottom. And I can change the colour of the building to be blue. (like previous designs)

So here it is. I agree that it looks much more put together compared to the rest. 



Here are some random works I came up with while I was forcefully trying to fit in with the blue theme before deciding on the coloured theme. (These are works that I rejected)

Time is precious, use it wisely. But I thought I could add the bear to signify that it is precious and you shouldn’t let others ‘steal’ it??? (I’m sorry if I don’t make sense)

So here’s after I remove the bear.

I was wanting to make this into something like a rib-cage, but somehow I didn’t like it so I scraped the idea.



Continuing on, here are my mockups for the front and back cover together with the layouts inside. The title/topic I was going for was “Jurong through my perspective”.


When Mimi saw this, her reaction wasn’t good at all. So of course I had to scrape the idea.

This is too messy and has nothing much to do with my main point. It is just all over and everywhere.

For this one, I couldn’t seem to fit any other elements from my zine layouts except for the tentacle monster. The rest just seems out of place.


A collage of the things that I will include in my zine. But just too messy and it looks bad.



These are my layouts for my zine.

This is a drawing of a sperm whale getting stuck in between the bridge. (Mimi said this works well)

This architecture at Jurong Central Park is supposed to represent a hen’s nest. However, it feels too forced and cute. So Mimi said it doesn’t work well with the monster that I drew.

Also, this is too forced and doesn’t look good T_T (It’s a last minute thing that i came up with……)

This is also too forced and the actual architecture cannot be seen clearly.

This has the same problem as the hen’s. Too cute.


Instead of thinking so much about this and that, why not just focus on the monster/cthulu/tentacle looking thing since that is my main focus. So I will need a story that revolves around this monster. Hence, all of these were made in vain :’) but it’s okay.