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Project 1: Hello World — Final


I rethought about my concept and decided to go with a colour wheel, with fun confetti that makes the whole portfolio fun and exciting.


So what does each colour mean?

Red — My passion for graphic design

Orange — Being confident in my designs

Yellow — My childlike/optimistic personality

Green — The colour of science, nature, environment and these are all topics that I have an interest in.

Blue – Trust, 2-way communication between the designer and the audience

Purple – Hopefully my designs inspire change

Pink – My creativity, having fun and fresh ideas every time

All of these personalities and traits come together and contributes to how I am towards design

All of these come together to form a circle — the colour wheel.

Colourful me: fun and exciting

Circle: Wholesome, no start and end just like how I am always learning and growing

Hopefully, this portfolio would tell you more about myself and strike a conversation between us 🙂 Thank you for reading!

Project 1: Hello World! — Process


Design Philosophy:

I design in order to inspire change in society and to portray things in a more appealing manner to better communicate with my target audience. As such, they would be able to look at things in a different light or perspective. I also design in order to bring creative solutions to the table. When designing, I treat user experience seriously (e.g. paper quality, print quality) as it is important to maintain a two-way relationship between the designer and the audience.
I have always been fascinated with topics that are associated with science, mainly life sciences. Humans, animals, the environment and how they are all linked and interconnected with one another. I often find myself watching life science documentaries and being captivated. Despite being interested in science; it wasn’t my forte. But by watching all these documentaries about our environment makes me wonder if I could do anything to make the world a better place. Perhaps I can disseminate these important facts and information to educate and create awareness to my target audience. Being a designer now, allows me to bridge the gap between the audience and the environmental issues faced in today’s world. They would then be better informed about these issues and ideally, working towards a positive change. I have the liberty to create illustrations and designs that could address various serious issues in a light-hearted manner. I also tend to add a touch of humour to my projects whenever I can to make the situation merrier.


At first, I wanted to do something fun and exciting. My keywords were change, perspective and humour. So I had the idea of jesters, puzzles and kaleidoscope. 

Below, you can see the mindmaps that I generated from my design philosophy.

The keywords that I generated from my mindmap:

Picking the most unique keyword, jester, I came up with these sketches and ideas about how my portfolio would look like. At first, I really wanted to do playing cards but it did not work out as what I wanted it to be.

Another idea I had was to put my works on the card and explain about them.

What is the point of these playing cards? I couldn’t find a reason why I made it other than just using it and playing it for fun.

Hence I continued trying and these were the new ideas I came up with: