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Project 2: Situating your design in the world — Process


By observing dog behaviours and then translating it into digital illustrations, my project aims to educate dog owners and lovers about their behaviours. This would definitely prevent unnecessary dog attacks and bites, and also, deepening the bonds between the owner and the dog. Singapore has seen a 32% increase in dog owners from 2006 to 2015. Hence, it is important for us to learn about dog behaviours before getting a dog or approaching one.


Understanding our furry friends better through their body behaviours.


  1. To educate the dog lovers/potential dog owners/ current dog owners and the young about dog body behaviours and the correct way to approach a dog, thus preventing dog attacks.
  2. To educate dog owners/potential dog owners to understand their dogs’ behaviours and thus, be able to ideally interact/care for their dogs.
  3. Using information design to make people more aware of the different behaviours of dogs and thus, how to approach and interact with them.

Design outcome:

  • Brochure—Infographics
  • Poster

Both the poster and brochure would be a 2 in 1, hence, saving paper and effectively communicating the message to the audiences. These would likely be situated in places like the dog park, the veterinarian clinic, pet shop or even a pet cafe.


I wanted to make a 10-panel brochure and when you flip it, it would be the poster behind. These were my initial proposed drafts:

After consultation:

As for the brochure, the dogs don’t have to be confined in a space by itself. I can place it anywhere and make use of the space.

For the poster, there are way too many dogs and they do not bring across what I want to communicate (the dog body language and human interaction). There are way too many words as well in the poster, instead, I should explain the stop, look and access.