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Project 1: Hello World — Final


I rethought about my concept and decided to go with a colour wheel, with fun confetti that makes the whole portfolio fun and exciting.


So what does each colour mean?

Red — My passion for graphic design

Orange — Being confident in my designs

Yellow — My childlike/optimistic personality

Green — The colour of science, nature, environment and these are all topics that I have an interest in.

Blue – Trust, 2-way communication between the designer and the audience

Purple – Hopefully my designs inspire change

Pink – My creativity, having fun and fresh ideas every time

All of these personalities and traits come together and contributes to how I am towards design

All of these come together to form a circle — the colour wheel.

Colourful me: fun and exciting

Circle: Wholesome, no start and end just like how I am always learning and growing

Hopefully, this portfolio would tell you more about myself and strike a conversation between us 🙂 Thank you for reading!