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2D Zine – Recce

Hi all!

The place that I got was Jurong West/Jurong East.

For this, I am probably just focusing more on Jurong East instead of both places.

Anyway, these are some snippets when I went to Jurong East to explore. There aren’t many photos/places since it kept raining recently. (Bad luck T_T)

But no worries since I’ll be exploring more of Jurong East this weekend.

Places I’m planning to visit next:

  • Jurong Fishery Port

“Jurong” is probably derived from several meanings in Malay. One of the terms could probably refer to the word for shark, “Jerung“.

(that’s why I’m definitely visiting the fishing port)


Places that I MIGHT visit:

  • Chinese Garden/Japanese Garden (under upgrading/renovation)
  • Jurong Hill
  • Jurong Bird Park
  • Pandan reservoir
  • Guan Huat Dragon Kiln
  • Safti

Thanks for reading !