Project 3B: Type as pattern

3B – Type as pattern

Type as pattern for me was the hardest one to execute as I had no sense of direction to start off with. So for a start, I just pieced letters together to form a static pattern.

BUT after consultation I realised that they don’t have much sense of rhythm and it looks really flat.

Here’s some of my static patterns:

Alright, so moving on, I worked on my patterns once more and came up with better patterns to work on with a sense of flow, rhythm and hierarchy. Here are those new patterns:

(it’s a lot because some are either incomplete or that I disliked it)

Then comes another consult. I got some advice to tweak some of the patterns a little more to gain more sense of hierarchy and sense of flow. Hence coming up with these works:

With that, I definitely learn hierarchy and flow in a pattern. And that parts of the type’s anatomy could be a pattern!

These are the final works:


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