Que Sera Sera – FINAL WORKS


Hi everyone!

These are my finalised designs for “Que Sera Sera”.

I tried to play a lot with semiotics and negative space.  I will just briefly talk about the significance of each job I chose since I didn’t get to do so during the very short and rushed presentation. Hope you guys like it!


1. Hairdresser

f-i-n-a-l-01Reason why I chose to be a hairdresser is because my mum used to learn about hairdressing skills. She used to cut my hair when I was young and that caused me to be fascinated by how hairdressing works. I used the two “O”s from my surname and made it into a scissors. For the rest of the other letters, I added this wavy curvy lines or strokes to the font to resemble hair.


2. Electricianf-i-n-a-l-03

Reason why I chose electrician is that I was totally inspired by how my dad is able to fix our household appliances and electronic gadgets without having to get someone else to fix it! And you don’t often see a female electrician so :^) Anyway, I played with negative spaces for this design. For the “H” and “Y”, I added a plug and for the “U”, I added a light bulb.


3. Race Car Driver


This was my favourite piece out of the 4 designs I have. For this design, I played with negative space to create a sports car out of the “E”. And also i replaced the “D” with a race flag and warped it to the shape of a D. The inspiration for this piece came from the game I played on my PS1 and PS2 when I was younger, “Gran Turismo”. It is a racing game that I used to play together with my brother and my dad. Check it out if you have time!


4. Baker f-i-n-a-l-02

The last design took me forever to come up with it. And I was wondering what comes hand in hand with a baker. Yes, bread! (it sounds like Brenda too) So I realised that why not use a french loaf? Yes, that’s what the “E” is. And of course the “D” is a rolling pin so as to add more context to it. I received comments ranging from one end to the other. Some saying that it is obvious that the job is a baker while others told me that they can’t seem to figure out the job. :”)


But I hope you guys like it

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