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EGO – Research and final designs

Hi, this is where I’ll be talking about my process for assignment 3.

Firstly when i heard this project, I thought I was going to go for the cutesy doodles that i usually draw. BUT apparently that wasn’t the case for my final designs…… ;u;


Firstly, I’ll briefly talk about the colour theory using a single picture 😀


and yes, I used things like monochromatic, greyscale, analogous, split complimentary as well as complimentary colours.

This website is where I got my colours generated to obtain colour harmony 😀

https://www.sessions.edu/color-calculator/  (y’all can check it out, it’s free)

For my final work, I decided to go for a bright blue background for the first frame, a darker for the second and a grey background for the last frame.



(some ss of their instagram account if you’re int)

  1. @Tutticonfetti ; Maruta ; http://www.tutticonfetti.com/


2. @owendaveydraws ; Owen Davey ; http://www.owendavey.com/


3. @sebastienplassard ; Sébastien Plassard ; http://www.sebastienplassard.com/



(recommended by Mimi and y’all should go take a look at it bc it inspired my final designs for this assignment)628a1b9a_11fcbf19b17_-7cf4 628a1b9a_11fcbf19b17_-7f34 628a1b9a_11fcbf19b17_-7f40 628a1b9a_11fcbf19b17_-7f42 img005628a1b9a_11fcbf19b17_-7d3b

There were a lot of flat illustrations in this book which in the end inspired me to go for a style I never thought I would be doing.

And yes, I had to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator. (thank god for youtube)


‘Expectations vs Reality’ (the popular internet meme thing)

which I then change it to

‘Dreams vs Reality’

I wanted it too be all cool and then when you read the final frame, it would be like ‘meh’.

And that was why I decided to use a bright blue background for the first frame, a darker for the second and a grey background for the last frame as mentioned earlier.



(I’m cool)

tracer-right without-outline

For you overwatch fans out there, yes it’s a tracer gun. But Mimi advised me to add myself in the frame, soooo ..


yes it’s semi realistic but meh not good enough i guess. It didn’t really look like me.


(I love to frolic in the ocean)


Tried doing another style digitally since I’m not good at watercolours on paper.




Got some feedback to work on this style and yes, that was when the book, “Naive” was introduced to me and I knew I had to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator :’) but it was all worth it.


FINAL A0 edited

Thanks for reading!


Pre Silkscreen designs

“Trees and people used to be good friends.” is a quote from the ever so famous, ‘My Neighbour, Totoro’.

These are 2 designs that i came up with regarding the quote:


Firstly for this picture, I wanted to show that people exploited the trees for money and hence, they are not good friends anymore. The pipe is actually an axe and the smoke is replaced with fire.


The second design revolves around people having a new good friend, the dog. Hence, the pair is playing fetch using the tree branch with no trees in sight.

(It would be great if i could get some feedbacks/opinions regarding my designs)

Thanks ! 😀