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Project 1: Hello World — Final


I rethought about my concept and decided to go with a colour wheel, with fun confetti that makes the whole portfolio fun and exciting.


So what does each colour mean?

Red — My passion for graphic design

Orange — Being confident in my designs

Yellow — My childlike/optimistic personality

Green — The colour of science, nature, environment and these are all topics that I have an interest in.

Blue – Trust, 2-way communication between the designer and the audience

Purple – Hopefully my designs inspire change

Pink – My creativity, having fun and fresh ideas every time

All of these personalities and traits come together and contributes to how I am towards design

All of these come together to form a circle — the colour wheel.

Colourful me: fun and exciting

Circle: Wholesome, no start and end just like how I am always learning and growing

Hopefully, this portfolio would tell you more about myself and strike a conversation between us 🙂 Thank you for reading!

ZINE process (Part 3 – final)

Hi all, this will be the last part of my whole zine process.

After consultation, Mimi suggested that it would be best if I just focused on the monster in this zine. So I had to churn out a narrative. In this case, I thought it would be best if my whole narrative was about a monster that causes terror and destruction in the society (Jurong). So this monster would morph into buildings and things which meant that he destroyed the buildings. Furthermore, I went with the colour red and black since it looks more sinister and dark. So here is the original colour scheme that I had in mind.

The feedback I got was to make the red brighter, to make it pop, since that is the essence of the whole zine.

Moreover, I was thinking to make the tentacles on the bridge a little bigger since they look really small compared to the bridge. I wanted to make it look as if the monster overpowers the bridge.


Moving on, I made the red brighter, drew my designs and I encountered a problem. It is of course again, the typography.

Firstly, I tried out the capitalised handwritten typography. To me it looks too angry and in your face. It probably looks okay in this spread, but when I tried it on other spreads, it doesn’t look too good. Hence, I changed it.

Next, I tried to write a little bit neater. However, it doesn’t bring out the feels of the ravaging part. I realised when I scribbled the words as a draft, it looks much more genuine. Thus, I went ahead with that.

So here’s the final typography that I went with.

Just like that, I’m done with the designs for this zine. I printed this zine on Munken Lynx paper, 120gsm, that I got from RJ Paper. The contrast of the red and grey on the white background made the designs pop even more.



Enough of typing, I’ll now show you my final outcome!!

(back and front cover when it is flipped open)



Pages 8,1

Pages 2,3

Page 4

Page 5

Pages 6,7



After rounds and rounds of consultations with Mimi, I finally came to a conclusion of just focusing on this monster for my narrative. It makes the whole theme and whole narrative flow much better and in sync.

One thing I regretted most was my font/typography. I should have made the font smaller. After printing it, I realised the font was really too big and in your face. If I were to make this zine again, I’ll definitely make the font smaller. Also, I should have experimented more on handwritten typography.

Another thing is that I think that I would want to push myself further if there was a next time. I would try again with my initial blue tinted photos with white drawings for my zine. (who knows, I might make one during this holiday)

Overall, in conclusion, this was a really fun and fruitful project. Getting to finally create a zine of my own and feeling accomplished after I submitted it makes me feel like I am a true and real designer. I’m definitely looking forward to see how different my zines will turn out in Y2! 🙂

EGO – Research and final designs

Hi, this is where I’ll be talking about my process for assignment 3.

Firstly when i heard this project, I thought I was going to go for the cutesy doodles that i usually draw. BUT apparently that wasn’t the case for my final designs…… ;u;


Firstly, I’ll briefly talk about the colour theory using a single picture 😀


and yes, I used things like monochromatic, greyscale, analogous, split complimentary as well as complimentary colours.

This website is where I got my colours generated to obtain colour harmony 😀

https://www.sessions.edu/color-calculator/  (y’all can check it out, it’s free)

For my final work, I decided to go for a bright blue background for the first frame, a darker for the second and a grey background for the last frame.



(some ss of their instagram account if you’re int)

  1. @Tutticonfetti ; Maruta ; http://www.tutticonfetti.com/


2. @owendaveydraws ; Owen Davey ; http://www.owendavey.com/


3. @sebastienplassard ; Sébastien Plassard ; http://www.sebastienplassard.com/



(recommended by Mimi and y’all should go take a look at it bc it inspired my final designs for this assignment)628a1b9a_11fcbf19b17_-7cf4 628a1b9a_11fcbf19b17_-7f34 628a1b9a_11fcbf19b17_-7f40 628a1b9a_11fcbf19b17_-7f42 img005628a1b9a_11fcbf19b17_-7d3b

There were a lot of flat illustrations in this book which in the end inspired me to go for a style I never thought I would be doing.

And yes, I had to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator. (thank god for youtube)


‘Expectations vs Reality’ (the popular internet meme thing)

which I then change it to

‘Dreams vs Reality’

I wanted it too be all cool and then when you read the final frame, it would be like ‘meh’.

And that was why I decided to use a bright blue background for the first frame, a darker for the second and a grey background for the last frame as mentioned earlier.



(I’m cool)

tracer-right without-outline

For you overwatch fans out there, yes it’s a tracer gun. But Mimi advised me to add myself in the frame, soooo ..


yes it’s semi realistic but meh not good enough i guess. It didn’t really look like me.


(I love to frolic in the ocean)


Tried doing another style digitally since I’m not good at watercolours on paper.




Got some feedback to work on this style and yes, that was when the book, “Naive” was introduced to me and I knew I had to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator :’) but it was all worth it.


FINAL A0 edited

Thanks for reading!