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Project 3: Task 2 – Research and Development

So I continued with my previous idea of “Party with the Arts” onto this project but changed the illustration style.

This is my layout on illustrator:

Here’s how it looks like when folded:

The feedback that I got for this first draft was:

  1. The boombox in the cover page was static and no energy could be felt from it.
  2. The folds were a little awkward too and it might be hard for some to fold it back.
  3. The fireworks page was a little empty, hence I could think about incorporating some pictures there and also, adding a header for the Arts and Health programme.
  4. Incorporate elements of music and art into the headers of Art-on-the-Move and Music-on-the-Move.


So working with the feedback, this is the second draft I came up with.

And here’s the new fold:

The feedback that I got for the second draft was:

  1. The splatters of paint and music notes were very random. I should play around with the size of it.
  2. Frames were too big and taking too much space, making the pictures too small for viewers.
  3. Reduce size of body text and the text wrap for Music-on-the-Move is awkward.
  4. Colour could be brighter and that the teal/turquoise was jarring.
  5. Remove fireworks and instead use bubbles and water droplet shapes to tie the pages of the entire brochure together. (sense of flow)


And here’s 2 of my shortlisted ones for my final work:

  1. Yellow/Orange

2. Blue with Yellow/Orange

In the end I decided to go with the second one (Blue with Yellow/Orange) since the first one (Yellow/Orange) is too boring.