Project 1 Task 2: Translating and exploring Design

In class, we did some sketches. These are some of the sketches done in a class activity:

Visual Ideation:

Visual Metaphor Matrix:

After I brainstormed about what I wanted to portray for my 3 concepts again, I came to a conclusion to focus on:

  1. Spread Love and Care
  2. Fun and Happy
  3. Sense of protection/homely/safety

So this is the first concept, Spreading love and care:

Second concept, Fun and happy:

Third, Sense of protection and homely:

After gaining feedback from the class and Michael, I decided to drop the third concept (sense of protection) and just focus on the first two concepts.

Moving on, I translated my designs digitally online .

These are the few designs I came up with.

These were the final designs that I chose to present to the class:

With various feedbacks from my peers, I am inclined to create a better and final piece with the use of colours as well! I decided to focus on the paintbrush design. I decided to change the composition of my paintbrush. And meanwhile I came up with a new design (though it didn’t make the final cut)

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