The next step after researching on artist references that had really gave me many ideas and inspiration, i felt that the illustrative ones are the ones that reached out to me more. I proceeded to trying them out myself in my own style infused with it.

Firstly, i started by looking back at the brief closely and started my ideation with these given professions : Librarian, Parasite, Assembly Line, Crime Scene Investigator, Video Gamer Player, Insomniac. My first steps are to listed down what i thought and felt about those professions. It is only till later then i realised i could choose to do my own choice of six professions or attributes after talking to my friends.

Therefore i decided further my exploration with the ones i already had many ideas for (Librarian, Assembly Line, Video Gamer Player and Insomniac) and switched out the ones which i don’t for others of my own choice (Fashion Designer/Textile Designer , Fruit Seller,  Gardener and someone who drills holes for houses ; house driller? ).

My plan was to try out the ones which work best and choose the best six out of all.


What i view/feel:

  • quiet , glasses , books,  shelves of books, loan receipts in books, many notices/signs asking visitors to remain quiet.
  • “shhhh!”


In the work above,  I wanted to have a cutout of the alphabets ‘S’ & ‘H’ in block lettering from a page of a book/story/novel (since its just a tryout i did a cutout on my magazine instead of the real book) to represent how in the library they always emphasise for us to remain quiet by constantly “shhh” us. Since my initials are TSH, i decided to just use SH instead of my full initials or full name to embed the idea of “shhh” in it.


What i view/feel:

  • “counting sheeps”, restless , tired eyes
  • when you close your eyes, its not exactly black but actually reddish


In this i decided to try out a piece digitally and i choose to use block lettering as well to make it more impactful. The repetition of my name is to represent how people tend to try counting sheep to fall asleep (even though it never works LOL?). I made only the last four ones start to blur out in increasing order while six remains completely clear. This is to play with the idea of how insomniac remains awake for a longer amount of time then he/she spends sleeping.

House Driller

What i view/feel:

  • holes , systematic, calculated
  • noisy


Initially, i wanted to really make a hole in the paper by punching a hole through it with the hole puncher. However, it was difficult to get them in the right points therefore i resorted to just using dots with my marker. I had a conflict whether i should use pointillism where i cluster the dots or just a simple-one-dot kind of thing. I decided on the latter because because the actual profession drills holes only at points that are needed hence its actually quite minimal. The dots are also calculated carefully before i made the mark because house drillers cannot make mistakes (wrong holes) because it will make the house ugly.

Fruit Seller (market ones)

What i view/feel:

  • Bubbly, loud, large mixture & diversity of fruits
  • Their constant ongoing promoting is the one that sometimes attracts me to look & buy from them

fruit seller

With inspiration from my artist reference, i illustrated my name in side of the fruits. The words are bubbly-looking because thats how the sellers’ personalities are or at least that is how they appear when they are trying to sell their products. Another meaning for having the words as part of the fruits to represent how without the loud and constant promoting of the sellers people might not even notice the fruits or even want to purchase them. Another thing to note is that when people choose fruits they also choose base on the how good the skin looks. Hence, the fruits sellers are in a way the skin of the fruits, they help attract customers.

^Artist reference: David J. Short (refer to research post)

Fashion Designer / Textile Designer

What i view/feel:

  • diverse patterns , flowy , beautiful, slight flaws sometimes


First of all, why fashion designer? There’s actually a funny reason behind it because back in Junior College one of my friends used to like nicknaming me ‘sew flower’ (siew 花 was how she perceived my name). Hence, i had the idea for this particular profession.This tryout is done with black pen. I drew many various patterns where it is constant at times but irregular at times. I also tried to incorporate the idea of flown-ness.

^ Artist reference: Teagan White (refer to research post)


What i view/feel:

  • serene , elegant, beautiful, slight flaws, nature
  • bittersweet job
  • impression of how gardens are gated because gardeners don’t want you destroying their hard work (see but no touching)

gardener 2

In this tryout, the swan represent ‘S’, ‘i’ and ‘e’ are the flowers, ‘w’ is the gates and ‘Hua’ is the water. Swans embody the idea of elegance as well as nature hence it is my choice of animal.


In this tryout, it is illustrating my name with vines, flowers and leafs. Also, the end of ‘a’ is extended to be look like a overarching tree. The small bird represents life, presence of animals and nature.

^Artist reference: Aleph Corporation (refer to research post)

Video Game Player

What i view/feel:

  • really old (even ancient to children of a younger gen)
  • games like pacman, mario, pokemon, etc
  • pixelated, mathematical

video gamer

I  tried this on the graph paper that we used to use for drawing graphs when we were younger hence in a way it has the idea of being  mathematical. Also, as i mentioned earlier, most of this video games are forgotten or unknown because of the more advanced games that are constantly being produced hence i wanted to stick with a traditional method. As seen in the illustration above, i did not finish the letter ‘H’ because it is actually really tedious and tiring to just draw one character out.

(Joy did suggest trying it out digitally, i did but i did not like the outcome and i also felt that it did not really click with my ideas.)

Assembly Line

What i view/feel:

  • systematic , order , identical, mass-production objects, complex, busy, conveyer belts, repetition, dull, boring

assembly line

Referencing from one of my artist reference, i tried to make the fonts more 3-dimentional (3D). Also like how 3D is related to product design/ industrial design therefore this choice for the style  of font. The varying directions of lines is also to represent how it is rather complex and busy in the factory.

^Artist reference: Viplov Singh & Svabhu Kohli (refer to research post)

assembly line 2

For this tryout, i wanted to make use of the basic shapes and symbols to communicate my idea of mass-production.

^Artist reference: Maribor Maricar (refer to research post)

assembly line 3

Lastly, in this, i sliced and rolled strips of paper to form the word itself. In the process of doing this i realised it is rather repetitive and in a way it reminded me of how a manufacturing factory works. Additionally, the rolled up strips also reminded me of the conveyor belts. (Joy advised to deviate from actual 3D but to focus more on developing in a 2D-2D way). While i was taking the picture to document this process i also realised how i could actually can play with the light and shadow to enhance my idea.

^Artist reference: Lavanya Naidoo (refer to research post)

After the first and second consultation with Joy one week ago, I realised that i did not have a strong  overarching concept/ idea that hold all of the works together. Also, how is this professions are related to me and how could i make my works conceptually stronger with deeper meanings.

This is a story told from the perspective of my phone therefore, my choice of portrayal is speaking simply through these screenshots. Do we really consider the ‘feelings’ of our smartphones who are like many’s close companion? What would our phone say if given the chance to speak out for themselves? This story is basically about our lack of regard and actual care for our smartphones when it does so many things for us but we’re always not satisfied with it no matter what, taking the example of dying battery life is one rather common factor.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 9.55.05 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-26 at 9.55.07 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 9.55.09 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 9.55.37 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 9.55.38 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 9.55.39 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 9.55.40 PM copy-min Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 9.55.42 PM copy-minScreen Shot 2016-01-26 at 9.55.58 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 7.23.11 AM

To start off the first project for foundation 2D II, I delved into researching artists for inspirations and ideas. Personally, the artists i decided to reference from are because of their works that i find rather interesting i would like try it out for myself. The works range from focusing on the typeface to being decorative/ illustrative to photography/gifs and lastly to the usage of unconventional mediums.

Alexandre Pietra

9bcb5317179851.562b720f8e66e 44968317179851.562b6d3622e5a

>Idea of minimalistic & futuristic  look ; Simple but clear.


Viplov Singh & Svabhu Kohli


>Pushing idea of something that is 2D to something that looks 3D.


Aleph Corporation

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Stephanie Baxter


Picdsture1   Picture1

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David J. Short


6.7.15_dsdribbble 7.6.15_dsdribbble 9.13.15_dsdribbble 11.19.15_dsdribbble 11.26.15_dsdribbble 1.30.15_dsdribbble


Teagan White



4bd7555275790.56021f8772b16 cycle11 de1b701946386.560112040c8d9


Dominic Le-Hair



idea of playing with shadows


idea of fruits printing

idea of fruits printing


idea of using actual food (chewing gum in this case)

idea of using actual food (chewing gum in this case)


Lavanya Naidoo

ef101052209887.5608d44b02f34 1034f352209875.5608d53771eb9

>rolling of papers

>choice of colours

c664ce11997955.56255bd9c61e9 b38ae911997955.56255d06098ab 8ca52c11997955.56255bda188ac

>usage of everyday life objects


Maricor Maricar

AlltheGoodThings_1_MG_9980 image_07_maricar_maricor image_01_maricar_maricor MM_MakersDreamers_01

For this artist’s works, I’m really attracted to the pretty embroidery however what really inspired is the usage of everyday life objects as the subject matter and even the usage of symbols ( + , = , . , /)

MM_White_1-Everything_frame MM_White_2-Nothing_frame MM_White_3-Everything_Crop MM_White_4-Nothing_Crop

>idea of using the same colour on the same colour to subtly suggest its idea.


Matt Bites



Danielle Evans

tumblr_nzwgi6TLEs1ui7gc2o1_1280food-fights-animation Burst-into-Bloom-websitetumblr_nnwub6m4mw1sqanmmo1_1280tumblr_nvtd43LVhc1ui7gc2o1_r1_1280

source:  /

1. Typography Name Tag :

name tags1

In this name tag, my concept was to portray my quality of being rather introverted (quiet,shy,etc…). I decided to use just my initials to depict this concept instead of with my full name, thats because quietness is usually associated with people saying “shh…”. Also, i wanted place the letter near the corner, hiding away some parts of it to suggest the idea of how shy people’s tendency to hide in the corner. After consulting Joy, she suggested to look into the idea of reducing instead of adding, about how i could hide the letters without losing their essence. Therefore, i decided to literally reduce it by carving out the letters, leaving a hole within the card to suggest part of the letters. From there i realised with the gaps, i could change  the background to subtly suggest what i was feeling on the inside as well.

Typography Name Tag - Process:

Initial ideas


Exploration on placement and size of the letters.


Cutout tryouts of letters of varying sizes (S,M,L)

2. Abstract Solution Name Tag

name tags2

In this name tag, it was clear to me that i wanted to portray the idea of how i’m someone who is easily affected by emotions and how i always surges of varying emotions at one time on the inside. Hence, i wanted to use the idea of how colours can depict a certain emotion to tackle this abstract name tag.

blue : calmness/sadness/loneliness

pink : love/care

green : jealousy/envy/nausea/dizziness

black: hate/darker feelings

red: passion/anger

white : emptiness/blurriness/purity

Also, i did not placed them in any order but instead i just stuck them around the given space randomly and in a messy fashion. This is to suggest how my emotions are in a turmoil and they are not in a smooth transition.

3. Conceptual Name Tag

name tags3

Lastly, in the conceptual name tag, i wanted to portray the idea of being soft-hearted (心软). Instead resorting to the usual ways of portrayals through drawing or painting it out, i decided to use something that is literally soft in nature – cotton. The cracks surrounding the heart is to indicate how hurt/pain/disappointment can attack at me because of being too soft hearted.

Conceptual Name Tag - Process:

Initial ideas

Final Name Tags:

name tags