MAX (1) Magic Mirror

Sensing: Using the camera in my laptop and face size to detect distance of person.

Effecting: Reflecting, opacity and transitioning

Computing: MAX

Assignment: Using Max as the platform, create a virtual magic mirror that depends on the distance between a person and the mirror which result in video brightening up (far) or fading out (near).

Programming language is a generally new thing to me and Max is no different. This is the first time I’m experiencing it and I feel that it is quite different from the other languages that I learnt last semester. However, I do find that this language is relatively much easier to understand and use? I like how it functions like a mind map that is interconnected to help one see the full picture more easily.


Challenges: The programme could not run properly or like how it is expected to initially because I mixed up the “objects” with “messages” and “float” with “number”. The connections were also sometimes difficult for me to grasp as to which wire connects to which box. The main problem I faced was adjusting the values so that i have the opacity and transition that i wanted (scale & jit.op). I also found it hard to document my work if the lighting wasn’t good enough as the face detector tends to detect many other things(non-faces objects included) aside from my face, which caused the programme to glitch. This also raises the issue of if more than one object is detected at different areas & of different coordinates, the programme may flicker and “glitch”.


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