MAX (2) Tracker

Sensing: Using the camera in my laptop and face location to determine the video frame

Effecting: Tracking

Computing: MAX

Assignment: Using Max as the platform, create video that acts as a movement tracker that follows you as you move sideways.

This second assignment is almost like an extension from the first where we still have to make use of what we learnt about face detecting but instead of changing opacity, it is to locate the face and match it with the designated frame from the pre-recorded video. Compared to the first assignment, tackling the first part of this was much easier as it was using basically almost the same theory but just with a few tweaks to fit the task. 

 Challenges: The main problem was figuring out what values to use for the scale. I had to go through several trial and errors before finally settling on the most suitable one. Another problem was when no face was detected, the frame did not freeze at the spot it was last at and it always jumped to the frame that showed my finger pointing to the extreme left (have yet to fix it). I also faced the same problem (room lighting problem) when documenting.

password: maxtracker

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