At the first thought of doing this micro project, what hit me first was nervousness and I was very sceptical since I rarely use Facebook nowadays and the fact that I’ve never broadcasted at all, much less a live one. It was my very first live broadcast and my mind just went blank, I no idea what to do. I was also worried about my friends would think of me while I was broadcasting (like i mean yeah it was kinda random and out of a sudden). But well… had to do it anyways!


It started from the classroom as we all filed out of the classroom to find “something visually interesting” in some part of the school. Since I really had no idea what exactly to film for it to be interesting for broadcast I just walked around the nearby surroundings from the classroom while flipping around the different filters. However I found that I could only load a few filters (probably due to weak connection) so I just stuck around with using the one with flowers. At first I decided to follow the direction of where some classmates were walking since it felt a little awkward to be doing this but tried to film other things instead of same things.

As time passed I slowly found myself to be comfortable in doing this and I found myself wandering off  from others in search for something interesting to film. Since I had no idea what was deemed interesting, I focused on filming the different objects or space that I pass by with the overlaying filters (I only switched around with the flowers one and this trippy filter as seen in the picture below). I liked how the filters can easily add a layer of intriguing interest to what was supposed just a boring dull space.

Throughout the whole broadcast, I did not speak much partly because I really had no idea what to talk about with my viewers about what I was filming and another part was because I had never much of a talker (awkward turtle is me still on or off screen XD) However, I was comfortable enough to talk with the others I bumped into while recording and just talked as per normal. Unlike others, I did not really show myself since it was uncomfortable to do so. While recording, 1 or 2 viewers would pop up and I would feel slightly more pressured to show something that was interesting or entertaining enough. I was actually more relieved and at peace when there was no viewers XD


Was so glad it is finally over 😀

The final output was to stitch everyone’s recording to be viewed as one big broadcast in a single screen. The initial experience was a chaotic one as I didn’t know which video to focus on or which sound to listen to. All the visuals and sounds just mixed together in a messy blur and I found my attention to drift from one, it stays for a brief moment before drifting to another unconsciously. However, after awhile I got more used to the overwhelming mess and realised as a whole, it was indeed rather intriguing and somewhat addictive.

Technical Problems

One big problem that kept bugging me throughout the whole recording was the internet connection. It was hard to maintain a strong connection and my broadcast “hanged” a few times. It was also after the video got posted that i realised how extremely bad the quality was since it looked totally clear while i was filming it ): Lastly, I also had no idea why but my Facebook app just crashed hence the video isn’t 15mins SORRY D:

School assignment (sry its rly random) ?

Posted by Siewhua Tan on Thursday, 17 August 2017