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“Masks” on Adobe Connect

Initially, I was really curious how the lesson will be carried because I’ve never attended such a type of class before and it was kinda exciting and also a bit nervous since its new. I think the difference between having the class virtually than in real life is that it is definitely more convenient. In real life, its considered okay to be late for a short period of time but when it was online, it was actually more pressuring in the sense that you have to be present at the set time if not you’d miss out and perhaps the class cant start. It was also actually more participatory with the selected groups chosen to be discussing about the given questions in Adobe Connect. Since it was virtual, only the selected people could be heard and seen but in a more focused way. For example, when someone talks in class, one would not stare consistently at the person talking or focus on them but perhaps just listen without looking much at them. Perhaps this was also due to avoid social pressure since it was rude and kinda pressurising to have someone constantly looking at you, much less a crowd. Hence, in a way, it felt more comfortable to be talking virtually, even though its still to a crowd. But one problem was with the technical aspect where my mic was working fine from the start but suddenly it “spoiled” when I didn’t do anything. That left me rather clueless and at lost of what to do and I was frustrated but sorry for those who couldn’t understand me.

Since I attended this at home, it was more comfortable in the sense that I do not have to rush my dinner before rushing down to school for class and also I was in a space where I fell home at. However, one problem is that since I don’t really have a “room” and my desk is actually kinda out in the open, my family members actually have to be more considerate with the sounds they make and all.

I think having the class about the third space in a third space was helpful in the sense that we get to learn through experience and it was also memorable. It was really fun towards the end where we had to “interact” with the others near where our screen is located, especially the “mask” activity  as show in the image above. I think that was the most engaging and fun moment and even though we were not together, but we are, in a sense. Hence, I really learnt a lot from this experience. I think it would be fun to have lessons on this platform again.

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  1. Pressure to be punctual: Missing out, class can’t start

    Wouldn’t you miss out when you arrive late at B-14 as well?

    Randall sometimes doesn’t start until most students have arrived at B1-14 as well. The points he awards for punctuality applies to both online and onsite lessons.

    So, help me understand why you felt more pressure to be punctual for the online lesson, then onsite lessons?

    More student participation as groups are selected for discussion

    Why do you think there was greater participation online than onsite? Do you find yourself participating more online or onsite? Why?

    I notice that for certain students, they are more playful online than they are at B-14. For others, it is the reverse. Certain students are just as serious online as they are onsite. Why do think this is so? I ask this because, you know probably know several of your classmates better than I do.

    Feeling more comfortable talking to a virtual crowd

    How does being more comfortable talking on webcam, affect the way you learn Art?

    The technical issues you encountered rarely resurface in subsequent online lessons. The first lesson is often plagued with them for obvious reasons, so your next Adobe Connect experience ought to be much smoother, as everyone eventually learns how to resolve the minor problems.

    Family members having to be more considerate

    Looking at it another way, Adobe Connect is a wonderful way for family to see how you learn art online. They would otherwise have to accompany you to B1-14. Perhaps they’d prefer that. Kekekee.

    What did you do to prepare your home and family members for the lesson? How did your family members react? What do they think about how you learn Art online?

    Learning through experience: Third space learning in the third space

    Tell me about your experience learning art in the Third Space. What specifically was fun and memorable about the mask and collective body activities, where you were physically separated but digitally connected in the Third Space?

    Did you learn anything new about Randall and your classmates in the Third Space, that you otherwise wouldn’t have known at B1-14?

    I’ve certainly learnt a great deal from your reflection. I look forward to learning more fascinating insights about your online learning experience. Thanks!

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