Co-Broadcasting Experience

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Posted by Val Lay on Thursday, 12 October 2017

Basically this is a new function in Facebook Live where broadcasters could invite up to one view to join his/her broadcast, resulting in a split screen broadcast.

I think first of all it really helped with communication between me and Val and we could also see/hear what each other were doing. I think it also reduces the awkwardness a little since you sort of have a visible broadcasting buddy up there with you now. The downside is just that both persons really require a stable and strong bandwidth because while broadcasting I lost connection at least twice and its always a mini panic attack when you lose connection midway.

Overall, I think this opened for new ideas for we could do now for broadcasting. I actually found this more fun and liked this more than the previous “solo” ones. I think function could be adapted to into our final projects that require more sync-ing / communication with other co-broadcasters.


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