FYP Ideation

Possible general aim:

  • To allow for an immersive experience possibly by engaging the various senses.
  • For it to be relatable or provoking personal.
  • To be memorable and perhaps pulls on one’s heart strings.
  • Maybe aim to change one’s mindset or perceptions of things.

Possible areas to explore:

  • Projection mapping
  • Interactive Screens
  • Installations
  • Lights
  • Space / Set design


Theme #1 : Identity

  • often we forget about our past is what makes us who we are
  • hidden stories,setiment,memories,emotions of people
  • objects/places makes up our identity
  • there is a child in all of us. it is there but not there?
  • idea of unexpectedness? change people’s perception of things


Theme #2: Environment

  • Combination of fantasy world and real world (scenic/nature/animals)
  • Calm, pretty but there is a darker truth beneath it / facades?
  • One moment it can be good , then it can turn bad quickly as well


Theme #3 Lost 

  • overthinking obsession, lost in sea of thoughts,
  • thoughts like “always not being good enough”.
  • mix of a calm and chaos
  • in a sea of people, surrounded yet time feels still / standing on ground but heads in the cloud
  • place for people to calm their minds, reflect and feel safe to share their inner souls/ true selfs?
  • depending on people’s mindset of things



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