Interactive Spaces: Too Small To Swing a Cat [Analog]


We started out with a quirky and fun idea of building a giant bowl of meepok but due to constraints we re-thought up our ideas. We arrived at the idea of building a box-shaped object with and interior of reflection and lights where the objective was to transport viewers into another space through the illusion of the infinite.

We also re-thought how it would appear on the exterior as well and was quite inspired by the life-sized toy box.

Leading to our original idea of making a resume box that discuss on the notion of us always packaging ourselves nicely, using any self-fabricated and glammed image that we put up to the world to sell ourselves. The project also touched on humans as commodities.


Presentation Slides:

We proceeded to start building our life-sized box.

Box needed further extension

While fixing together the box, we flipped the box to lay vertically instead of horizontally. The space reminded us of the housing situation in hong kong and inspired us to work out project into emulating the space, environment and atmosphere.

The reflective film also allowed for the idea that one can never really know what is happening on the inside unless they are inside experiencing it for themselves. They have to take a really close look to be able to see a tiny bit of what is happening.

While the world inside is hard to peer in, it is almost clear as the sky when you are inside peering out. This brings in the contrast that you are living in such a small and cramped space yet the world looks so big and plenty of space.

Problems Faced:

  • Sourcing for large cardboard boxes
  • Preventing the box from falling apart

Cardboard was the chosen material for this project as sturdiness was not part of it. However, we had to tackle the balance of having it look shabby yet strong enough to hold the installation at the same time. Our shed was eventually held strong from the supporting bamboo poles we built beneath it and the use of sticky plasty to secure them together.

Final Documentation

Group Members: Siew Hua & Valerie.

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