To get started, we decided to try and get the servo motors working through voice commands. The voice recognition is done through a app (BT Voice Control for Arduino) that links the voice commands through bluetooth and transmits this information to the Arduino, resulting in the respective movement in the server connected. We also purchased a component, HC-06 to allow for signals to be sent between the phone and Arduino.


Voice recognition controlled server (phone)


  • It took a many tries to get voice commands part working and we had to speak clearly and in a certain way for it actually register.
  • Servo movement is too small and weak.
  • Have to be controlled by phone where you have to press a button whenever you wanna trigger an event (not so intuitive)


Group members: Gladys, Siewhua & Valerie.

Motorized drink holder

Smart Home Device – A robotic drink holder that “serves” your cup of drink to you, based on your command.

Meant to use on a table or bed, when user is doing their work. The user will be able to customise the command for their drink to be served to them. If not, they can use a remote whereby buttons will be used to operate the drink holder.

Also, there will be timer whereby the drink will be served every half an hour or so, or when the face recognition detects that the user is thirsty (e.g. licking your lips).


  • CONVENIENCE: Cater to daily needs of the lazy
  • AID THE DISABLED: Bring accessibility to the lives of people with physical disabilites
  • ROUTINE: Ensure that the user constantly stays hydrated


  • Minimalistic
  • Wood + metal


  • Speech Recognition
  • Remote (buttons, up and down) to control the motor arm
  • Thirst detector using camera – Facial recognition when you purse your lips together/lick your lips – immediately serve your drink to you
  • Or Timer? Every 30 mins serve drink to you – “Please have a drink”

 Holder should speak – “Please have a drink.” / “请喝吧”

Potential Components

  • Arduino
  • Motors
  • Proximity Sensors (to detect the user)
  • Speech Recognition (either Arduino or PARALLAX)
  • Speaker
  • Camera 
  • *Bluetooth to connect to app? Think how to develop an App and connect to the holder

Example of a robot arm – the mechanics


*Potential further development app

  • Customized phrases to key into the app
  • Select language- Only English and Chinese
  • Turn on or off functions / customise the drink holder 

Group members: Gladys, Siewhua & Valerie.