Locations: Punggol & Clementi

Theme: Urban Jungle & Old School Heartlands


We choose to juxtapose these two locations specially because Punggol Waterway Terrace is a relatively newer and a not so conventional style of HDB apartments while the estates in Clementi are relatively much older with a more traditional flavour. A example as seen in the two images above.

We also wanted to focus on finding contrasts in similarities, for example in the lines, shapes, colours, context, etc.


First of all before everything, I must admit I had to actually research a bit into how much of data does it consume to do such a lengthy broadcast since I have very very limited cellular data. Thankfully even about 37min of broadcast I did not burst my data quota. #thankgod

I think this telematic stroll opened up many surprises and discoveries as we explored together simultaneously two very different places. Thou we had planned what and how we wanted to execute it, along the way we both got absorbed into really taking a stroll together (so absorbed and invested we were to do it unconsciously for 37min when we only planned to go for a 15min XD) and went along with the flow of wherever we were brought to and I think this allowed for some pleasant surprises. Such as these unexpected contrasting but interesting visuals such as:

It was also interesting how both places had a heavy downpour right after we ended our broadcast. Would have been cool if we captured it boohoo):

Overall, I felt that this would be something embarrassing and awkward to be done alone but with a partner it was actually quite fun and personally it did felt like we were “strolling together” and discovering things together even though we are physically apart.

Randall asked me to go live #telematicstroll

Posted by Val Lay on Saturday, 4 November 2017