Process I : Double exposure first tryout
Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 8.22.14 am



My practice piece

Process II : Exploration on the background

Of similar colour. (analogous?)

untrapped copy copy

Of plain white background. (keep it simple/minimal)

untrapped copy colour

Of a different colour. (to contrast)

z2(being myself)

Of a gradient/colour scale. (softer colour transition)


Of a complex background. (to blend in with background)

Process III : Photo Manipulation Tryouts
'good food


Minus (-)
'bad food


Process IV : Collage Tryouts


Rhyme: The cat and the fiddle

 Hey, diddle, diddle!
 The cat and the fiddle, (my chosen line)
 The cow jumped over the moon;
 The little dog laughed
 To see such sport,
 And the dish ran away with the spoon.

Process 1: Choosing the overall style (Halftone/Threshold/Posterize)

cat-hd-8 hd_1080p_violin

Original images.

cat-hd-8(halftone) copy hd_1080p_violin.(halftone)psd copy


Individual halftone on cat and fiddle, respectively.


Final (halftone)


Final (Threshold)

I decided to use threshold because i prefer the sharpness it gives and also the  contrast. Also, some of my images doesn’t work well with halftone where they become extremely pixelated and thus losing the image.


Process 2: Exploration on technique/style (Realistic vs Minimalistic)

realistic3   BNW2A
realistic7 copy
   BNW1B     BNW4 minimal    minimal1a  minimal3    minimal2


Process 3: Exploration on technique/style (Repetition)

repetition1    repetition2 copy mirror   repetition3 copy  repetition copy   repetition6


Process 4: Exploration on technique/style (Playing with the negative and positive)

minimal2a   minimal3a

realistic1a   repetition1a

realistic2   repetition6a



minimal`   Minimal1

Since i inverted the colours, i realised some layouts turned out good in both white on black and black on white. I had some difficulties choosing the better one hence i had a idea to put them together, getting my inspirations from pop art.

realistic4   Realistic5

To push the idea further, i was inspired to try Optical art as well.


Op art

However, after piecing it together halfway, i realised it does’t really work, hence i scraped this idea.


Final (297mm x 297mm):

4. body armour   3. collar


1. fiddle  2. cat face