1. Typography Name Tag :

name tags1

In this name tag, my concept was to portray my quality of being rather introverted (quiet,shy,etc…). I decided to use just my initials to depict this concept instead of with my full name, thats because quietness is usually associated with people saying “shh…”. Also, i wanted place the letter near the corner, hiding away some parts of it to suggest the idea of how shy people’s tendency to hide in the corner. After consulting Joy, she suggested to look into the idea of reducing instead of adding, about how i could hide the letters without losing their essence. Therefore, i decided to literally reduce it by carving out the letters, leaving a hole within the card to suggest part of the letters. From there i realised with the gaps, i could change  the background to subtly suggest what i was feeling on the inside as well.

Typography Name Tag - Process:

Initial ideas


Exploration on placement and size of the letters.


Cutout tryouts of letters of varying sizes (S,M,L)

2. Abstract Solution Name Tag

name tags2

In this name tag, it was clear to me that i wanted to portray the idea of how i’m someone who is easily affected by emotions and how i always surges of varying emotions at one time on the inside. Hence, i wanted to use the idea of how colours can depict a certain emotion to tackle this abstract name tag.

blue : calmness/sadness/loneliness

pink : love/care

green : jealousy/envy/nausea/dizziness

black: hate/darker feelings

red: passion/anger

white : emptiness/blurriness/purity

Also, i did not placed them in any order but instead i just stuck them around the given space randomly and in a messy fashion. This is to suggest how my emotions are in a turmoil and they are not in a smooth transition.

3. Conceptual Name Tag

name tags3

Lastly, in the conceptual name tag, i wanted to portray the idea of being soft-hearted (心软). Instead resorting to the usual ways of portrayals through drawing or painting it out, i decided to use something that is literally soft in nature – cotton. The cracks surrounding the heart is to indicate how hurt/pain/disappointment can attack at me because of being too soft hearted.

Conceptual Name Tag - Process:

Initial ideas

Final Name Tags:

name tags