This video piece depicts in an interesting way how Jon Cates uses glitch to broadcast realtime across international timezones.

Rendering Time in fragments, errors and overlaps, jonCates plays with recursivities. These feedback loops merge personal data and swim in associations from Chicago to Taipei to Boulder and back again. Realtime: Reflections and Render-times by jonCates (2012) was performed live via Skype for MediaLive 2012 at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, July 14 2012. BOLD3RRR… Realtime: Reflections and Render-times by jonCates (2012) is a processed document, screen recorded in realtime and camera viewed forward in reverse by jonCates (2012).

The recording showed him fiddling around with the various softwares he use in his daily life. For example, playing with Ableton not before long where he would switch to something else. On top of that, text that are big and bold, probably comments overlays above what he was doing on the desktop.

Screen capture of the big and bold text overlaying the softwares he switches around every so often

I think in this work, the element of recursivities were quite prominent where there were three main scenes –  a frontal view of Jon Cates in full screen but slightly fuzzy and blurry, text overlaying programs on screen and generally a very glitchy scape plus the strong buzzing of white noise.

white noises with graphic that glitches

Though the content seems to be all cluttered and all over the place, there was still some sort of flow. There seems to be a narrative but it is very much non-linear. It was kind of hard for me to understand what was going on most of time to be honest and I struggled a lot to watch this piece, what with the rather “flickery visuals and audio”. However, i thought about how it not very different from how we do things on the desktop now. For example, in current days, with so much information and content disseminated so freely, one is so easily distracted, we switch between the various tabs so often in a way if we visualise it, it might look something similar to Jon Cates’ video piece. Hence, in our lives now, it is also in a way sort of glitchy, both in reality and virtually.

Our desktop is more than screen space, it is a virtual extension of our physical reality, a space for the formation and design of new identities, and an alternate world for artistic invention.

Jon Cates’ use of glitch and “dirty new media” entered into his performance of Bold3RRR. In this work, I think it perfectly captures that since it captures Jon Cates’ identity really well and the glitch effects added a layer of intriguing attractiveness to the daily and mundane. It was kinda broken up, at times seemingly unreal yet it is real, and as a whole it still is able to hold together as one whole.