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Project 1: My Line is Emo

Hi everyone! It’s time for the submission of our 18 Lines! If you are interested to see the process of making these lines, Please follow the link below:

Part 1: Mark-Marking Tools
Part 2: Mono-Prints
Part 3: Artists Reference
Part 4: Self-Exploration


I have learnt a lot through this assignment especially on how to create marks using different techniques. Now I finally can appreciate those abstract art hanging on the museum – It’s not entirely  the “why” it was made this way but most importantly it’s the “How” that make that piece so special. I’m a very Digital person and Prof Ina proved to us how “scanning” and image manipulating can be a form of art too. However, I thought it would be great to handmade some of my work so that I could experience both creative processes, and I really love all my handmade work and I really find beauty in it even simple work like the “Wave”.

I also discover many artist through this assignment, especially Tara Donovan. I love how she turns everyday object into beautiful sculpture and I would say that She “Sees beauty in ugly things”. I would definitely reference her work in the future. Not forgetting other well-respected artists like Ed Moses, Agnes Martin, Anthony Poon and Jackson Pollock.

With that, I present you guys my 18 lines. I hope you guys enjoyed the fun and often stressful process as much as I did!

Digital Print Lines

10 Digital Lines 10 Digital Lines


Bliss (Joy): I have created flowers out of leaves. I thought people usually associate flowers with joy, happiness and Bliss.

Gloom (Sadness): The dark tone in this line coupled with the gradient gives a tad of sadness and the white spot illustrate bits and pieces of memories. Alternatively, I named it “sad memories”.

Frustration (Anger): The marks are all over the lines, seems like someone make some scratch marks on it. Hence, creates a frustration emotion.

Affection (Love): I purposefully make it a bit like a chinese painting, added a few flower petals and leaves. I thought people usually show affection through flowers and the lines kind of gives a very melodic look to the line.

Uneasiness (Fear): The marks goes up and down with a thin white lines going all over it. It gives a very unsettling look.

Triumph (Joy): There was a sense of power in this line where there is an “Aura” all over.

Desolation (Sadness): the empty space with a drips of liquid (tears) evoke some kind of sadness.

Longing (Love): The contrast between the crystal looking prints connects with the “leaves” shows the connection between 2 person and how they wish they could be together.

Startle (Surprise): the pops of marble looking prints illustrate pops of surprise.

Outrage (Anger): It seems like the core was releasing some energy (Anger) out of it.

Hand-Made Lines


Top Down on the Left:

Tenderness (Love): Because of how minimalistic this line is, the wave gives a very calming and positive vibe. It’s like waves of mother’s unconditional love and tenderness.

Terror (Fear): There were sharp edges in this piece that evokes fear and terror. It reminds me of war and ruined cities.

Alienation (Sadness): I see this piece as a cage infront of us, as it we are restricted or isolated ourselves from the society or the world.

Fury (Anger): This is breaking out of the cage that I mentioned earlier. The Fury and violent we show after being alienated for too long.

Shock (Surprise): It was meant to be grid-like, but because of how it was made, the grid lines went all over as if something shocking happened in someone’s mind.

Top Down on the Right:

Excitement (Joy): There were white lines going around with black little droplets dancing within it. I thought it evoke some kind of excitement of children.

Rude-awakening (Surprise): You have a shock when you discover the truth about a situation.

Anxiety (Fear): This piece was created out of scratch marks and cracks, as if people were scratching it due to anxiety.

 Visual Journal

Just some snap shots of my visual book!



  1. Final design choices for the lines are excellent. Is it possible to have your digital lines uploaded as a larger image ? make sure you check Link to > media file..this will ensure that image in your post opens big in a separate floating window… It would allow us to enjoy complex art-work even more 🙂

  2. you should be very confident! you really think well in shapes and understand spatial relationships (harmony balance) …now next project you have to think in images (metaphor, paradox, parody, personification…anthropomorphism..etc)