in Project 1 Que Sara: Final

Project 1 Que Sera – Final

Final 4

screen-shot-2017-02-11-at-8-03-53-pm screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-12-08-55-am
screen-shot-2017-02-11-at-8-04-20-pm screen-shot-2017-02-11-at-8-08-23-pm-copy


I am glad that I actually pushed myself to explore many composition to finally decided on the final 4. This is the first time I followed through the design process from brainstorming, mind mapping, sketching, visual reference and lastly to final composition. I learnt that it is really not easy to design something that communicates well with the reader. There are some really cool ideas that you thought reader may get it but sometimes it’s too abstract for them to get it instantly. I guess this project is really about how well you communicate with your design. To ensure people are able to recognise my initials and jobs, I have to asked around to see if they could get the message within 5 seconds. Hence, I feel that as a designer, we sometimes have to design things based on readers’ perspective in order to communicate effectively – that to me is a successful design. I also learnt that design doesn’t have to be complicated. If a few elements can already bring across the message that we should keep it minimal. A Quote from Graphic Designer Noma Bar: “Maximum communication with minimum elements.” One thing that I think I can be improved on will be in terms of creativity. I think my design were quite conventional and if I were given a chance to do this project again I think I would really push myself on that. Overall,  I really enjoyed the whole process and am quite satisfied with the final outcome. I hope I would apply whatever I’ve learnt in this project to Visual Communication I/Typography I in year 2.