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Project 2: Sequentially – Impossibilities of Being

Camera & Len: Canon 6D + Tamron 24-70mm F1.8
Software: Lightroom, Photoshop & iMovie
Location: My House, Merely Ice Cream, Orchard MRT station
Cameo: My bestie Germaine Tay 🙂
Photographer: Lena & Germaine (Ice cream shop scene), Felicia (MRT scene) and Myself.

Short Synopsis 

Me & Myself is a fictional story about Sylvester being stuck inside his phone out of the sudden and how he started to interact with him (mirrored ego who’s in the real world) across different space. Desperately wanted to get out of the phone, sylvester tried to sabotage him’s relationship with his girlfriend in order to get his attention, not realising that he was sabotaging his own relationship as well. After the girlfriend decided to broke up with him, he fell into a depression state. Sylvester felt really bad and tried to cheer him up but to no valid. Him accidentally spoiled the phone in the end and thought it was best to go back to sleep so that he can end the bad day. Out of the sudden, the phone started to work again. The story ended with him receiving a text from the girlfriend and Sylvester appears again…

So what is reality?

Story Inspiration

This story was inspired by my own bad experience with my mobile phone which has spoiled on me for a few occasions. It made me realised how I couldn’t live without my phone and have gradually become a phone slave. Hence, I came out with this idea of being trapped inside a mobile phone, and show how obsession with mobile phone can ruin my life.

Art Direction

I wanted to insert a bit of my personality into this photo montage, hence you will see a lot of exaggerated facial expression to give a comedy feel. I did not reference to any movies or artist and decided to kept it really simple to bring out the storyline instead. Hence, you guys will realised there are a lot of moment-to-moment, action-to-action transitions and a few scene-to-scene to bring the across space from home to ice cream shop and then back to home.

To make the story interesting, I decided to not fall into the wake-up-and-it-was-just-a-dream kind of story, but instead, I decided not to bring the main character out of the mobile phone so that it will allow the audience to form their own conclusion. I thought it was a huge risk to take because the audience will end up being confused by the ending. I also wanted to highlight on how even though I know it was bad for me, I still continued to be dependant on my phone.


It was a really fun assignment to make! I struggled a little bit during the start of this assignment to think of a story. I thought it must be really magical and abstract since we could use any medium for this assignment. I went for the simple approach in the end and decided to apply what I have learnt during 4D class. I spend quite awhile to plan every single frame because there are 2 different space: the real world and the virtual world. I have to first take a series of photo with white background and then uploaded them to my mobile phone before I could start shooting for there scene. It was really confusing for me and I have to retake a number of shots so that the story flows well. but overall I’m quite pleased with the end results 🙂