in Project 2 Zine: Final

Project 2 Zine: Final – A Geometric Encounter in Simei

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  1. Site Visit – Tampines and Simei New Town
  2. Simei New Town – Research Presentation
  3. Zine Layout Research
  4. Design Process and Documentation

Final Zine Spreads:

Reflection: I was wondering why do we have to take so long to create a 8pp zine and it would be an easy task for me. I was clearly wrong. This project was the toughest in my opinion because I didn’t manage to understand what this zine should be about. I approached this project in a very commercial and informative way initially and I had to do site visit several times to finally get it right: a personal touch to this self-published zine. I honestly feel that I learnt a lot about inDesign from this project that will definitely benefit me when I start majoring in Visual Communication. I was quite happy with the end result because I think I pushed myself a lot to create interesting layout and story out from lousy photography skill and limited content generated from the neighbourhood haha! Done with Foundation 2D II!!!!