The Timeline.

  When It came to the zine, I had a hard time thinking of a format to begin with. Eventually I decided to go with the idea of a timeline, and with that timeline I wanted to play with the idea of clockwork.

My Inspiration

A Steampunk Book I made by PlumTuckered - Cards and Paper Crafts at Splitcoaststampers:   The idea of using gears in the front cover intrigued me, and so I played with that.

First Draft

cover 1.0Despite the posh look, I felt it was still rather plain, and did not portray the idea of clockwork.



I was intrigued by the idea of Fibonacci’s spiral and so attempted it in the cover through the use of gears.

The content within the zine itself consists of projects in chronological order in which photoshop played a part in.

The first spread consists of my very first project which both required and first introduced photoshop into my life. In here it talks about how Photoshop was completely new to me. I titled it the Morning Project to both follow the theme of the timeline. Every spread contains a translucent clock which is adjusted according to the time of each spread. The morning Spread is at 7am, non evolution is at 12 and evening finale is at 8pm.

The First Spread(1)

The Timeline C.12

First Spread (Final)

The Timeline C_22


Each image is placed within a singe square frame, a theme here every spread contains the images in different shapes, just for a play in variety. Every spread also emphasises hierarchy, with a single enlarged image coupled with several smaller images. The dates were originally just placed at the corner of each spread. However with some advice, the dates were instead placed into separate shapes, different from the shapes depicted from the spread to provide a contrast.


Second Spread(1)

The Timeline C.13

Second Spread(Final)

The Timeline Final Print4

The original spread was made with the idea of viewing age by page, which is why the images were adjusted according to the page they are in, instead of the spread. After which, they were adjusted to the template.

Final Spread (1)

The Timeline C.14

Final Spread (Final)

The Timeline C_24

The final spread was what actually led to the general template for it all, and thus, little much was changed.

The Back Page

Back There is not much to say here. The design was mirrored after the cover, without the border. I used the earlier project in Typography to fashion my name.

In the world of Foraoios, there exist three dragons of unimaginable fury and strength. Each of these dragons have several children to carry on their legacy while the three great ones slumber till the Call. The Stormcallers are perhaps the most feared of the three offspring. A great storm always heralds their arrival, and as the great beast leaves, so does it take its storm.


This is a recording of an old village that had the misfortune to be in a Stormcallers flightpath on what would have been a peaceful morning.

I Focused on using mainly photoshop on this project as I wanted to explore further what I could do with.

First I touched on the more familiar, photo manipulation.

For the black hole, I referenced several pictures of an actual black-hole.

I started with the washing machine in place.

Black hole 1

Next,  overlapped the blackhole over it.

Black hole 2

Unfortunately, the original blackhole was a poor depiction of what I needed it to be and so a more vortex like hole was acquired. I also added the socks. warping several to help emphasize the pull of the black hole.

Black hole

The next photo manipulation I did was the office building image.

I began by adding little detergents around to emulate an office lifestyle.

Office building 2

I later de-saturated the surroundings as offices have no colour

Office building 3

Then, I overlapped the washing machine and added some shade to blend the machine better together.

Office building

“Death Sentence” originally began as “Death Trap”

I combined the use of photo-manipulation and digital drawing, hoping to create a different vibe to the series.

Death Trap

I started with the manipulated photo.

death sentence 1

Later I added rough sketches to get a good feel of where I wanted my “doodle”

death sentence 2

Details were added, such as gradient, tone and further warping to give personality to the objects.

death sentence

The same was done with “Bath”.

Bath however, went through three complete changes before it became what it is.

1.Spa 1

2.Spa 2

3.Spa 3

For complete digital drawing, using photoshop as a canvas was new and interesting, giving me a lot more freedom than I thought I would have.

For “Upstart Youth” I started with the basic outline and color.

Upstart Youth pro1

The background was hard as I was aiming for a disco feel.

Upstart Youth pro2

Finally I added tone.

Upstart Youth

I imitated this process for “Other Half”

Other-half pro1 Other-half pro2

However, I had to double the process as there were several more subjects than “bath

Once the shapes and color were established, I worked on the background aiming for the feeling of a harmonious mix, thus using cool blue and warm red mixing into a bright violet.

Other-half pro3

The final step was to add a radial gradient and tone as well as to emphasize the heart in the center.

Other-half pro4


It’s all about perspective.

That was what this project was all about. Ever wondered what a potato chip was in the perspective of an ant? Perhaps a sock and a potato chip may see each other in interesting ways. This project wanted us to push that idea and see the outcomes. For me, I chose to go with a washing Machine, simply because it was interesting to see where I could go with an object so specialized with very little connection to any other object.


A Washing Machine in the POV of a Washboard.

Upstart Youth

Is an Upstart Youth

For this, I wanted to make the Washing Machine look as obnoxious as possible. Thus, I went with bright and contrasting colors. I chose a top load Washing Machine because I thought it looked a bit like a cap. The front of the washing machine is decorated with the lovely word “DOPE” in everyone’s favorite font, Comic Sans. Meanwhile, the washing board hunches in the shadows, decorated in a single dull brown color.


A Washing Machine in the POV of Detergent

Office building

Is an Office Building

Detergent enters the machine once more, another dreary day at work. The Washing Machine is like a workplace for detergent. They enter it in loads, do their work and disappear when the job is done. I overlapped an actual office building over a front load washing machine and lowered the saturation of the surroundings to emphasize the little detergent workmen and the washing machine. Also, office buildings generally give off a dull sense, so the low saturation is meant to emulate that.


 A Washing Machine in the POV of Tissue

death sentence

Is a Death Sentence

  Tissue papers always get wrecked in the washing machine, breaking to the point of no recovery.I used the front load washing machine again hoping to give a sense of persona to the machine. A mix of media, photos with digital sketching.

A Washing Machine in the POV of a Shirt


Is a Bath

  This is rather straight forward. A bath gets people clean, the same can be said for a shirt. I wanted to give the shirts personality, and so I drew them in gesture poses, lounging by the sides or sitting at the side. It was fun, learning to draw on Photoshop.

A Washing Machine in the POV of a Sock

Black hole

Is a Black Hole


Ever had a missing sock before? There must be something in the water. I used purely Photoshop as I wanted to maintain as much of a semi realistic effect I could do as much as possible. I had a hard time deciding on which black hole to use. The actual holes are more like black spherical balls of raw gravity, which ironically looked nothing like a black hole. Thus I used a vortex image of a black hole to imitate it. several of the socks warped and transformed as well as made a little transparent to give a sense of vanishing and being warped in the vortex


A Washing Machine in the POV of a Dryer


Is its Other-Half

Dryers complete Washing machine. One is so cool while the other is so hot, it just seems to perfect to not give them a relationship. I had a hard time deciding how to gesture the two appliances. As I wanted to personify the Washing Machine, while keeping its form intact to prevent obvious expression changes by giving them hands or facial expressions. Evidently it is difficult to make cubes cuddle. I eventually went with the idea to seperate them choosing to make them look like they’re leaning towards each other instead. Their clothes as it moves from machine to machine form a heart. I chose the back ground to mimic the conditions of each appliance, cool blue and warm red. Bright purple, or rather slight pink is used in the center, brightened by light to bring focus to the center.

The biggest celebration in Foraoios is the Illumi Solstice.

The Illumi Solstice is a celebration of a new hope. It is a seven day Carnival that happens once every four years, during the simultaneous illumination of all 7 Everhigh trees. During this time, the line between night and day blurs. Sky fish descend to a lower altitude and gather around the tree, feeding of its sol. The sky brightens with flashes of blue and white which many suspect belong to celebrations of the pure Aetherians themselves who live among the branches of the Everhigh trees.

The illumination of the Everhigh trees is a sign of good luck, bringing hope for the next four years, and celebrating a new beginning. It is said that on the 70th of each four year cycle, one of the gods would make an appearance at one of the trees, granting great prosperity and luck to the nation it chooses to visit. Each capital celebrates the carnival in their unique way. However, on the last night before the tree lights up, the carnival reaches its peak, from the bright celebrations in Livington, to the dark gloomy musings in Merdecca, fireworks will always be seen in each capital.

The Choir in each capital sing their songs about the gods for 4 days straight days, as the voices harmonise to fill the capita with their music, it symbolises the last four days before the illumination of the Everhigh trees.  Near the every Palace is a large plaza with 7 trees planted at its centre. Each tree represents a god.  The voices of the choir charm the trees making them dance and sway to the song of the Choir. Every year there are huge crowds around the plaze just to watch the trees re-enact stories of each god in a graceful dance of bark and leaves.

During this time, goods are sold in abudance. Rare Terran weapons are brought up from Eldour which are highly prized, especially in Isenpest and Merdecca. Enchanters from all over gather around the capital to celebrate as well. Clothings from other capitals are exchange hands to foreign capitals as merchants travel long distances to ensure their profit. Wild events occur as well, such as Isenpest hosting a small tournament or Livington and their massive food fight festival.

Individual capitals have their own celebrations as well, such as the Grand tourney in Isenpest, or the the wild hunt in Livington. The Day of Silence is also celebrated in Merdecca, where they celebrate the death of all things and their contributions to the survival of others.


A city that developed from a geyser forest began as a small fishing village. The people rode large leaf boats on geyser currents and flew up into the sky before netting sky fish onto land. At the time, the village chief was a simple man by the name Giero. They were a small village that survived by tourism and trade, being one of the only few villages able to catch skyfish. They had 3 great fishermen, Unior, Cendious, and Erieatri. These three could fly really high and surf the wind so well, they were able to catch large schools of fish. During this time, the empire of Glendwich was spreading like wildfire, moving across the land of Visenia.

Anyway, they tried to conquer the village Isenpest, but with the help of the three farmers and a lot of luck, they conquered Glenwich instead, and its emperor killed by Unior himself. Thus, they became the grand empire Isenpest instead with Giero taking the throne. Legend has it that the three brothers had help from a mysterious orb, but that’s all we know.

In Isenpest, laws are rather simple as they generally follow the fundamental laws of Foraoios. Don’t murder, don’t steal, don’t rape and don’t trespass.

Laws are controlled by the city guards.


Isenpest is the patron city to the god of Sword and Victory, Visen. Thus, a law unique to the nation of Isenpest is that of duelling and combat.

Note: Guns and bows are looked down upon in Isenpest, but not illegal.

Law of Duelling

  • All disputes can be settled with a duel. However, it must be accepted by both parties. Should the opposing party reject the duel, he shall be subjected to shame by society and it would be okay. (Unspoken rule)
  • The opposing duellist may choose the place, time and method of battle.
  • Terms must be accepted by both parties.
  • Duels can only be done by those above the age of 12.
  • Rules are to be decided by the duellists and general laws no longer apply to them.
  • However, should any innocent third parties be involved in anyway and harmed, both duellist will owe the city double their wager for each of the party involved.
  • The city in not responsible for what happens during a duel.
  • All duels must be observed by a City Guard, however they cannot interfere.

Law against Suicide

  • Suicide and attempted suicide is illegal
  • Either will result in exile. Should suicide be successful, the guilty individuals body will be left to be mutilated in the woods outside Isenpest by beasts.

Unique Laws

  • No food is to be brought within 2 meters of the three brothers’ statue in the middle of the plaza. Punishable by a month of community service.
  • Should an individual succeed in escaping prison, he is free. However, the current warden will be required to continue the escapees’ sentence. (Only 1 person has escaped so far)
  • All boys by the age of 12 are expected to both hold and be able to wield a weapon to the minimal degree.
  • Divorce is illegal.
  • Should a wife catch her husband cheating, she may cause him harm using only her bare fists.

General laws: Murder, rape, theft, vandalism and trespassing.

This was a rather interesting assignment. Forcefully manipulating your name to represent an aspect of yourself.

  1. I am A Leaf in the Wind


– Process

A Leaf in the wind is relaxed. It ebbs and flows like dead weight in the ocean. I wanted to form words that mimicked that, but simple turning my name into leaves did not seem like enough. Inspired by Dan Browns book, Angels & Demons, where he had an artist friend design ambigrams from the words Earth, Wind, Water and Fire as well as the “legendary Illuminati Square”

An Ambigram really fit the idea, as no matter where the wind blows, the leaf will simply follow.


Leaf Prep

Here we have the original draft upon planning.


I am a Leaf in the Wind

– Photo manipulated

Final result!

With great advice given, I chose a background of many big fluffy clouds and now it looks a bit like a Pixar title. Which in no way do I find that to be bad.


2. I am a Broken Mirror



A broken mirror continues its task, despite losing its original form. It reflects everything around it, even though the results are fragmented. No one wants a broken mirror lying around out. Plus its bad luck. Fortunately, I did not have to actually break mirrors for this project.

In order to properly replicate a broken mirror, I had to observe how a mirror actually cracked. Amazingly it shared a near spiderweb pattern, one which i tried had to simulate.

First I had to sketch a rough layout to imagine the positions and size of the shards.


Next I had to cut up a soft mirror and begin pasting.




Due to poor contrast, I attempted to use another background.



– Mirror on Paper

Final Result!

I decided to let some shards stick out of the frame, as well as use a glittered background to further emphasize the shattered pieces.

3. I am a Murder of Crows

Crows are often known as bad luck in many cultures. I decided to use murder of crows to increase the dynamic of the name. Originally, this was my design.


However, a face was unintentionally formed, and so I decided to place the name off center and rather improve the focus on the Crows in flight. I chose to use crows in flight as a perching crow is ominous. However, a crow in flight is a crow in action. An omen on the move, also numerous in form.


– Ink and Graphite on paper

Final Result!

I finalized the image with a vignette filter i made using graphite and a blending stump.


4. I am an Incomplete Whole

– Process

An incomplete whole is a paradoxical idea. A whole is normally used in a complete sense. Thus, an incomplete whole is complexity in itself. An idea which splits itself apart. For this, I thought it would be interesting to play with the idea of an ambigram. The brilliance of an ambigram is its ability to be read the same way flipped either way. Thus, what i did was try to flip it on its reflection.


It starts with a simple draft.



Later the letters are split to mimic two letters. The biggest problem was choosing letter formats that were not symmetrical, to ensure they would appear different in the mirror.



Finally a background had to be chosen.




– Paper Cuttings

Final Result!

Due to the importance of contrast, a complete black background was chosen, and made to ‘fade off to the right where the Whole was incomplete.

  Noela and Chuwy wake up on a cloud. Actually, they wake up on a bed, but it almost feels like a cloud. As Noela sits up, she spots a young teenager sitting across the bed. His head rested on his arms as he stares a pair of young wyverns asleep in their cages. Black tousled hair cover his head, reminding Chuwy of a burnt birds nest he found a year earlier. His eyes were dark blue and big, graced by long lashes. He was deathly pale and his pointed ears alerted Noela that he was Terran like her. Though he looked 16, he had an air of an adult. His eyes revealed experience, while his scars showed a past he would probably never share.  He stared at the two of them from the corner of his eye, still facing the cages.

“You’re the reason they won’t wake up you know. This sleep is induced by the mother as a defence mechanism. Unfortunately you killed the fastest way to wake them up, so now you’ll need a lot of heat to break this spell. Don’t ask why, I don’t get magic either.” He said as he plunged his dagger into the desk and turned to face Chuwy and Noela.

“You only need to know me as Jack.” He said as his blood red lips split into a smile.

“Welcome to Isenpest, home of things and stuff I don’t care about. Out there is a man wielding the Black Star, a gift from death.” He pulled out a bun from his pocket and began eating it.

“We don’t have his name or even know what he looks like. All you need to know that He is a he, and the item he wields is extremely deadly. Shiala didn’t want me to tell you, but it makes more sense to, so I’m going to do it anyway. The Black Star is an item that grants and relieves death. We suspect that the death of the Everhigh Tree at Davin was due to the power of the star. Follow the trail of death and you will find our mysterious thief.”

In a single graceful movement, he stands and walks to the door. Before he opens it however, he turns around and gestures to his neck.

“Another thing, don’t forget about the collars, one wrong move and… BOOM!” he exclaims, his fingers spreading dramatically before he turns and leaves the room.

[OOC – find the old man in town.]

The first thing Noela felt was the painful throbbing on the side of her head. The next thing her senses touched was gentle sound of of water droplets, followed by the soft illumination of candles, revealing her Sai and Chuwys Nunchucks sitting far at the other end of the cave. Attempted movement revealed her entire body to be tied and restricted in a way she became very impressed with. To her left she heard Chuwy himself, murmur in unconsciousness as his eyes stayed closed and head lolled to his side.

As Chuwys eyes began to open and a groan escaped his lips, footsteps alerted Noela of the arrival of a visitor, or rather, the host to their unwilling party.

She strode in with clothes so black they looked to be woven from shadows themselves. She walked with elegance and grace, her red hair brilliant against the darkness of her clothes, another flame among the candles. Chuwy simply stared, his face expressionless.  Her face had not changed since yesterday, still smooth and beautiful, but a hint of cruelness had found its way onto it, or perhaps, it had always been there.

She turned to Noela and Chuwy, a smile parting her lips.

“Do you recognise this place?” She said, dramatically looking around the cave, before turning back to look directly into Noelas eyes.

“Well, even if you weren’t gagged, I can already predict your answer. Hunters such you two never care about such things do you?”

“This Cave belonged to a beautiful black beast who ruled the sky and forests here. She had arrived here peacefully months ago, hunting and protecting her young undisturbed since then. At least until she met with 2 desperate hunters, basking in the success of their slaughter.” They woman in black picked up the sai and twirled in between her fingers. She then threw the sai into the wall, a candle sliced along its way. She turned to face Chuwy, regaining her composure.

“I am Shiala, third daughter to Deaths Whisperer Raihole, here by his command to hunt and find the party foolish enough to steal from the Hand of Cain” She pulled out the sai embedded into the walL and brought it onto Noelas’ throat. “Instead of killing the foolish party, in his great mercy, our patriarch had chosen instead to give you a task.”

Shiala pulled out two collars from her pockets and placed them onto the necks of the pair. “These are cursed collars. Don’t bother trying to cut, tear or break them, they were made during the time of the Vellune and has been unbroken since. Ground rules, never mention our involvement and stay on task. You’ll also be given a caretaker of course; these collars will ensure you do as he says. Don’t give me that look. Anyway, you two have been tasked to find the Black Star.”

Chuwy raised an eyebrow.

“You don’t need to know what it does,” She continued, “simply know it is now in the hands of a man too dangerous to be kept in check. Steal it from him and you will be… generously pardoned.”

She patted Chuwy on the head and walked away. “I’m sure you have heard of the death of the last two dying Everhigh Trees?” She said stopping at the edge of the dark side of the cave. “This is related. When you wake up next, you will find yourselves in Isenpest. Find the old man and get back our Black Star. Oh and if you need a clue on how to find him, just follow the dead.”

The last thing Noela and Chuwy saw was Shiala vanishing into the shadows before the darkness gripped them as well, accompanied by a sharp pain on their heads.


Should anyone walk into the simple villages surrounding the Empire of Shurios, they would find the smell is the first thing to hit them. Should these people decide to use their eyes however, they would find sturdy wooden houses haphazardly places around the village, its roads winding and curving all around the village. Getting lost soon became incredibly common. Should an experienced individual enter the village with knowledgeable use of his eyes, he would notice how each house was well designed. Despite the roughness of its appearance, no two logs are cut out of length. Each wall is perfectly balanced and well measured. The doors barely make a sound as they open, every wooden frame without a splinter in sight, perfectly sanded. The roofs stuffed and covered in thick leaves and mud providing a more than decent shelter.

The general architecture of each village relies heavily on their surroundings as the central empire plays little role in building any village. Cities and towns on the other hand have a sturdier less primitive structure. The use of stone and masonry are more common and wood is only used as support, mainly timber. Each empire however houses a unique piece of architecture known as Chloro-structures, a mix of tree life and masonry, creating a unique blend of human architecture. How it is done is the raw building will be made first. Rooms such as the kitchen, bedrooms, dining room etc. These will be built separately using stone and concrete. After it had been constructed, Members of the choir maidens will plant a seed and sing the tree into shape. The last tree sung into shape happened 180 years ago after the newest empire was last formed. Now each empire houses only a single Chloro-structure palace.

For those who were lucky to witness its construction, they would have heard a haunting tune sung by voices of angels. They would have seen a single sprout grow into a large tree, its trunk coiling and raising each constructed room. The bark would be seen overlapping each room, some partially, some completely, each tree sung differently from its other counterparts. However, they all share the same finish, a single tower raised and born of pure wood, blessed by a priest of the respective god where its very peak would house a single golden bell to announce the New Year.

Every king that lives in each of these palaces will have their short story carved into the bark of the tree, soon forming a library on the very walls of the palace. These Chloro-structures were original designed to represent humanities acceptance of the doctrine of life, to cherish the lives around them.


Photo from the Witcher 3