How do I begin.

It is very hard to catch the wind.

I used to see this person around in school and he was in my CCA.

I talked to him and had interaction with him.

There was once he was sleeping in the gym. The Freaking GYM haha, I mean who does that. It was great seeing him around school because he was such a fascinating figure…

But he never replies his text.

Does not have facebook or twitter.

I have no idea how to contact this person.

I don’t understand how people in the past kept in contact with each other without technology.  I just can not wrap my head around it…

For me,

Photography is my only way of remembering that he exists.

There was one time during CCA he had to use my camera to take pictures. That was the closest I ever got to him, to see what he takes and what he values.









It’s funny how people can come and go in our lives and they leave a mark sometimes.  How even though they are like wind, they can still leave an impact.


This is my only picture of him. How ironic



but how funny that years down the road, I still meet people who are like the wind and they still leave impacts in photographs…


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  1. Very poetic and mysterious, this enigmatic person. Interesting how he seems to leave no trace of his identity, except through the photographs. Question: how would you interpret his photos, what do they say about him? What does one’s visual orientation convey about their identify or personality? How might the dissection of those photos enrich the narrative?

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