Pirate Broadcasting Part II

For my micro-project, I did my homework live in front of an audience. It felt really weird having a live broadcast. I was making pictures using cyanotype and I really fumbled a lot of times because I felt that I needed to entertain the people watching.





It was hard to do things with my camera in the way so i attached a selfie stick to my body so that I could use both my hands while doing work.



It was really weird that I rambled on and on and I realised that I have been live for 24 minutes, till my phone ran out of battery.


It was definitely a different experience for me doing videos live compare to my Youtube videos which I can edit and take my time to think about what I want to do or say. ┬áLive television definitely ‘forced’ me to think on the spot. It was also really weird that I could see how many people are watching me and yet I do not really see them.


3 thoughts on “Pirate Broadcasting Part II”

  1. Brilliant idea with the selfie stick. Makes me think that perhaps someday everyone will be walking around broadcasting themselves with their selfie sticks attached, like another appendage. Is that where we are going? And yet, because you are an artist, you feel a responsibility to broadcast something interesting, but most people probably don’t care!

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