Project Hyperessay #2 – Technical Realization

I went to try having both YouTube Live and Periscope on at the same time. As periscope had more people watching, it was more interactive on periscope.



It was also quite different having to broadcast on two different platforms and also have my friends in front of me.

People could hear what I was doing in the room over the internet together with my friends.



Some  of my friends were curious and even asked me what I was doing. At some points I was so comfortable being online that I was talking to people who were watching me like they were my friends. I also asked the internet what kind of eyeliner I should use today and someone replied.

I was on Youtube Live also and also learnt to use the basics of Livecast on my computer.




Overall, I realised that it was very interesting to broadcast at the same time on two platforms. At some point I felt like I was on Jennicam.

For the final showcase, I would like to go live on both periscope on my phone and Youtube from livecast  and I was wondering if I could do it in an open space like the lounge in school where I can have people talking to me in the first space and also interacting with people in the third space. I find it a lot more spontaneous when I have people talking to me in the first space and also the third space.

In addition, I would first ask the third space on eg. what color of eye shadow I should use etc. Then, if I do not get a response I would ask the first space. In addition, I would also like to have random conversations with people in the first space while I do my make up.


One thought on “Project Hyperessay #2 – Technical Realization”

  1. You have so many great ideas. So interesting that you have found the live broadcast so comfortable and native to your social interaction. You are truly a digital native! I would like to see you elaborate on this idea when you complete your 3rd and final hyperessay: why do you find the third space so comfortable, why do complete strangers connected via the network seem like true friends. What creates that sense of intimacy despite geographical separation, despite the fact you have no idea who these people really are?

    The notion of being present in the first space, and through multiple feeds simultaneously in the third space, is truly an exciting and challenging proposition. I would definitely encourage you to take your performance out to the lobby, or somewhere in ADM where you can interact with people in the physical space, while being present in the third space as well. And I like the idea of finding viewer response in any space that is available. That’s true resourcefulness!

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