Making of perspective warping device: Wobble

For my project I decided to create a device that involves refraction and also light to distort the viewers sense of sight.

I decided to use some reflectors in the box to make the light bounce off the walls of it making it a bit more immersive. I also decided to not only use light but strobe lights to make it a bit more psychedelic for the viewers.


I had a difficult time struggling with trying to find a container for the water. Initially, I wanted to use a water bottle, but I realised that it does not wobble as much as i would like it to. I also realised that it water in cling wrap captures light more than when it is in a waterbottle.


Process of making the box:


IMG_20160201_230954 IMG_20160201_230941


I had to duct tape the cling wrap to the box after sealing the cling wrap with heat.


To be continued…

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