Perfect Pitch Part 2

Idea 1(Individual project idea with ADM resources plus an equipment budget of max 500$, plus your own time and effort, over 1 year):

For the first idea, I would like to pitch the idea of creating music with heart beats.

Things that I would need : A heart tracker, a program that can translate the heart frequency to sound frequency, lights and smoke machine ( most of which can be found in school already).

I can get a fitbit that can track heart rates at a relatively cheap price. The budget of $500 should not be a problem to me.

The bulk of the time in this project should be spent on researching and tweaking with the translation of the frequencies.

Idea 2 (Individual project idea using any resources  up to a budget of 5 million, over 5 years):

Stage 1:I would want to be a travel consultant. I would go around the world to check out different places and come up with itineraries and reviews that will help others who would want to visit the place.

Stage 2: I would then set up a company and hire people who are adventurous and people with good taste so that they can be travel consultants too.

I would split the money:

1)Travel and accommodation

2) Pay for employees

3)Bills for Company Facilities



Idea 3(Duo project idea using typical ADM resources with budget of max 500$, over 1 year):

I would suggest making an app that allows people to track one another when they can not find each other in a place.

Great to use on parents and children.

Most of the money would probably be spend on marketing and advertising since the cost of production for making a mobile app is not that much.


Digital Sensorium update

An update on sensorium:

I am currently adding more rafia strings to make the space more immersive and planning to buy trash bags to make it more dark.

For the digital output:

I plan to use two different arduinos, each with 120 LEDs connected to it, so in total there will be 240.

The two arduinos will be producing lights at two different frequencies. Instead of having all 240 LEDS working at one frequency.

Hopefully, it will create a more interesting effect.

One idea that I was playing with is to get a fitbit and try to track my heart frequency for a day and extract that data and see if I can take the data and translate it to control the lights. So it will be a kind of visualisation of my heartrate.

Analog sensorium concept and documentation

For the analog, I wanted to create a dome which you can put your head inside to experience a light show with this concept of play.

My inspiration came from Liminal Air -Descend-, Shinji Ohmaki(b.1971, Japan) which I have tried the installation for myself in 2015 in korea.



I wanted to create a space where people can be fully immersed and bought to another place.

I had to create a dome-like structure to create a space for a person to be in.

The initial design for the roof.

The following shows the skeleton of the dome.





This is the documentation of the experience of the dome in it’s analog stage.


Diminished reality concept and documentation

“Diminished reality is a term used to describe the control over one’s reality and the ability to block out real or digital information at will. The term was coined by wearable computing pioneer Steve Mann to describe a reality that can remove, at will, certain undesired aspects of regular reality.” –Cyborg Anthropology

When I was thinking of the site specific project that deals with changing the perspective of a person, I thought about how we can delete things from real life instead of adding to it.

I choose the idea of lockers because it would be weird if we live in a world without numbers.  For my video, i just deleted a number off one of the lockers. The video was edited and motion tracked in after effects .

Here is the video:


Project Pitch

I would like to pitch the following for my project:

1 . For the individual work: an installation that deals with creating a space for people to have an audio-visual sensory experience that takes them to another place.

For the pair work, I would like to create a system where artists can come together to share items with one another. kind of like the really free flea market. Where everything in the flea market is free.