Perfect Pitch Part 2

Idea 1(Individual project idea with ADM resources plus an equipment budget of max 500$, plus your own time and effort, over 1 year):

For the first idea, I would like to pitch the idea of creating music with heart beats.

Things that I would need : A heart tracker, a program that can translate the heart frequency to sound frequency, lights and smoke machine ( most of which can be found in school already).

I can get a fitbit that can track heart rates at a relatively cheap price. The budget of $500 should not be a problem to me.

The bulk of the time in this project should be spent on researching and tweaking with the translation of the frequencies.

Idea 2 (Individual project idea using any resources  up to a budget of 5 million, over 5 years):

Stage 1:I would want to be a travel consultant. I would go around the world to check out different places and come up with itineraries and reviews that will help others who would want to visit the place.

Stage 2: I would then set up a company and hire people who are adventurous and people with good taste so that they can be travel consultants too.

I would split the money:

1)Travel and accommodation

2) Pay for employees

3)Bills for Company Facilities



Idea 3(Duo project idea using typical ADM resources with budget of max 500$, over 1 year):

I would suggest making an app that allows people to track one another when they can not find each other in a place.

Great to use on parents and children.

Most of the money would probably be spend on marketing and advertising since the cost of production for making a mobile app is not that much.


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