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Micro-Project: Glitched Aberrations

I played with the photos but it is kind of weird that mine became black and white. I love the effects though.

I think I do something like a blind glitch

So I go crazy on the code first without seeing how it looks like.

Kind of remind me of taking pictures with film where I compose the picture first but I don’t see the results until I develop the pictures.





My lunch

Pirate Broadcasting Part II

For my micro-project, I did my homework live in front of an audience. It felt really weird having a live broadcast. I was making pictures using cyanotype and I really fumbled a lot of times because I felt that I needed to entertain the people watching.





It was hard to do things with my camera in the way so i attached a selfie stick to my body so that I could use both my hands while doing work.



It was really weird that I rambled on and on and I realised that I have been live for 24 minutes, till my phone ran out of battery.


It was definitely a different experience for me doing videos live compare to my Youtube videos which I can edit and take my time to think about what I want to do or say.  Live television definitely ‘forced’ me to think on the spot. It was also really weird that I could see how many people are watching me and yet I do not really see them.



How do I begin.

It is very hard to catch the wind.

I used to see this person around in school and he was in my CCA.

I talked to him and had interaction with him.

There was once he was sleeping in the gym. The Freaking GYM haha, I mean who does that. It was great seeing him around school because he was such a fascinating figure…

But he never replies his text.

Does not have facebook or twitter.

I have no idea how to contact this person.

I don’t understand how people in the past kept in contact with each other without technology.  I just can not wrap my head around it…

For me,

Photography is my only way of remembering that he exists.

There was one time during CCA he had to use my camera to take pictures. That was the closest I ever got to him, to see what he takes and what he values.









It’s funny how people can come and go in our lives and they leave a mark sometimes.  How even though they are like wind, they can still leave an impact.


This is my only picture of him. How ironic



but how funny that years down the road, I still meet people who are like the wind and they still leave impacts in photographs…