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Digital Sensorium update

An update on sensorium:

I am currently adding more rafia strings to make the space more immersive and planning to buy trash bags to make it more dark.

For the digital output:

I plan to use two different arduinos, each with 120 LEDs connected to it, so in total there will be 240.

The two arduinos will be producing lights at two different frequencies. Instead of having all 240 LEDS working at one frequency.

Hopefully, it will create a more interesting effect.

One idea that I was playing with is to get a fitbit and try to track my heart frequency for a day and extract that data and see if I can take the data and translate it to control the lights. So it will be a kind of visualisation of my heartrate.

Analog sensorium concept and documentation

For the analog, I wanted to create a dome which you can put your head inside to experience a light show with this concept of play.

My inspiration came from Liminal Air -Descend-, Shinji Ohmaki(b.1971, Japan) which I have tried the installation for myself in 2015 in korea.



I wanted to create a space where people can be fully immersed and bought to another place.

I had to create a dome-like structure to create a space for a person to be in.

The initial design for the roof.

The following shows the skeleton of the dome.





This is the documentation of the experience of the dome in it’s analog stage.


Making of perspective warping device: Wobble

For my project I decided to create a device that involves refraction and also light to distort the viewers sense of sight.

I decided to use some reflectors in the box to make the light bounce off the walls of it making it a bit more immersive. I also decided to not only use light but strobe lights to make it a bit more psychedelic for the viewers.


I had a difficult time struggling with trying to find a container for the water. Initially, I wanted to use a water bottle, but I realised that it does not wobble as much as i would like it to. I also realised that it water in cling wrap captures light more than when it is in a waterbottle.


Process of making the box:


IMG_20160201_230954 IMG_20160201_230941


I had to duct tape the cling wrap to the box after sealing the cling wrap with heat.


To be continued…