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Candice Ng

I was looking through Candice’s work and it was interesting to see how she makes use of technology to illustrate her concepts.

I will attempt to answer this question.

How does Candice Ng’s work contribute to the ongoing public discussions about identity, in the context of Singapore and South-East Asia?

I think Candice tries to question identity by amalgamating two very different elements together. One is a material which has a long history, ceramic and another, the RFID  which had been discovered in 1935 . It was interesting to see how her work explores identity in this digital age. The fusion of the old and the new

The Cling Wrap experiment

Our class also did one of these experiment together and we tried to display tension, so all of us cluttered together and let our friends wrap us in cling wrap and then we started to lean outwards to show tension. However, I think we were still very used to how cling wraps are being used…to wrap stuff. I felt that we could have explored more . Although, this exercise has taught me that cling wrap can be very very strong…hmm