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Final Sensorium


I really liked this project as it was one of the most ambitious one that I have embarked on.

I was initially really worried about the rafia strings because I needed alot. I went through around 15 rolls of it?

And I still feel that it could be even more overwhelming if I had done more. Started doing the rafia strings really early.

I really did enjoy how the strings caught the light and reflected it and created this space that was claustrophobic. That seemed smaller than it is because your eyes find it hard to focus on one thing because there was no depth. You could not see the other side of the dome.


This was my intended effect, to have so much rafia strings that it messes with your point of focus, that you can’t really focus on one particular thing. I would like to throw people off balance by using repetition.

I think what was good was that I got feedback from people, so you could experience the dome lying down or sitting down.


The 4 knobs, of tweaking the colours RBG plus changing the frequency really added more interactivity to the dome.


Some people did complain that they felt dizzy after trying it out.

I would of course prefer to have more lights and more rafia strings.

It will be great also if I could have an indoor pool with the rafia strings hanging from the ceiling and people would float and enjoy the light show. The lights could be changed by where the people are.


Analog sensorium concept and documentation

For the analog, I wanted to create a dome which you can put your head inside to experience a light show with this concept of play.

My inspiration came from Liminal Air -Descend-, Shinji Ohmaki(b.1971, Japan) which I have tried the installation for myself in 2015 in korea.



I wanted to create a space where people can be fully immersed and bought to another place.

I had to create a dome-like structure to create a space for a person to be in.

The initial design for the roof.

The following shows the skeleton of the dome.





This is the documentation of the experience of the dome in it’s analog stage.