Hello! My Name Is …..


Hello! my name is Songyu, and i love to play with materials. I like using hands on, direct approaches

to my work, and thus i decided to experiment with such in this introductory project. For this, i

used 3 different mediums. Fire, Pen ink, and Linoprinting. All 3 pieces have some

correlation to the idea of constructing.

For the first, i masked the letters using acrylic sheet, and torching the paper with a

torch, creating negative and positive space, half incinerated half left clean.


DSC09156 copy


For the one with pen ink, i used stippling, which resembles construction, the

building up of a piece of work.


DSC09155 copy


Finally, i did linoprinting, by first carving out the text onto a piece of rubber,

then inking it and printing onto the name tag.

20160214083302 (1)


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