Typographic Portrait Research

For this project, i started off by looking at references from avant garde media and styles, such as in dadaism and

Russian Constructivism, particularly in how they managed to use typography within their work.


Artists like Hannah Hoch were also inspirations for me, as the way she composed her

work, the photomontage, in a way where the text did not feel intrusive but seemed to belong there.


IMG_0002 IMG_0003

Russian Constructivism in particular was especially interesting, as the text wasnt just

there for embellishment, but rather served  a strong purpose, and carried a message.

The work itself would not be the same without the text.


Finally, for the last part of my research, i decided to look at Performance art. Rather than just having my work

be static, i decided i wanted a dynamic piece of work, something that would demonstrate, rather than present.

Artists like Amanda Heng  and Janine Antoni were within the scope of my study, Amanda for more candid,

direct interactive works, and Janine for more abstract and fine art works.

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