Typographic Portrait Final

This is the final product for my Typographic Portrait Series.

Its been a fun experience making this work.

Postal Backgrounds for the 4 Pieces

     snailmail1 copy snail mail 2 copy snail mail 3 copy snail mail 4 copy

My Name is SONG, and I’m Open and Honest


My Name Is Song, And I’m Neat and Tidy


My Name is Song, and I’m Calm and Collected


My Name is Song, and i’m Careful and Cautious


Size Comparison


First presentation, Packed


Second Presentation, Open


Overall, I feel like this project could have been better executed, as I’m not

exactly fulfilled with the final product, but I learned a lot from this project, especially

with regards to various material treatment which I may be able to use in my

next project.

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