Metamorphosis – Research

For my zine, i decided on the theme of Metamorphosis,

with the butterfly as my motif.


I wanted to capture the idea of Mental Metamorphosis with

my zine, for the zine to transform and change as the viewer read it.

I planned my zine as an experience rather than just a simple

publication, to allow the viewer to feel. For that, i decided to split my zine into

2 parts, a white part that serves as the core, and a black part

that serves as the cocoon.

I did some research into brain functions, Xrays and MRI Scans, as well as searching

for words that ended in -sis, to make my zine more consistent and thematic.


Aerobiosis – any form of life that is sustained by the presence of air

Agenesis – Any imperfect development of the body, or any anomaly of organization

Amaurosis – A loss or decay of sight, from loss of power in the optic nerve, without any perceptible external change in the eye


Antithesis –  An opposition or contrast of words or sentiments occurring in the same sentence

Ankyloses – stiffness or fixation of a joint

Abiosis – Absence of Life

Anamnesis – a recalling to mind, recollection

anagnorisis – the point in the plot especially of a tragedy at which the protagonist recognizes his or her or some other character’s true identity or discovers the true nature of his or her own situation

anagenesis – The evolution of a new species by the large scale change in gene frequency so that the new species replaces the old rather than branching to produce an additional species.

Biolysis – the destruction of life

Apoptosis – A process of programmed cell death by which cells undergo an ordered sequence of events which lead to death of the cell,

Askesis – the practice of severe self discipline, asceticism

Ascesis – self discipline

Anthesis – The period or state of Full expansion in a flower

Asepsis – is the state of being free from disease-causing contaminants

Biogenesis  –  is the production of new living organisms or organelles



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