Metamorphosis – Process

For my process, i played alot with the Xray theme in order to

“reveal without revealing” the cocoon.


Cocoon digitally edited to resemble Xray


Butterfly Xray


Cocoon + Butterfly effect


Larva Xray


Larva within Egg


The idea was to transit from life to death along the zine’s pages,

following the life cycle of the butterfly. Starting from life, then

ending in death.

Within the Black Zine, the butterfly never breaks free, and thus dies within

its cocoon.

I did som experimentation with the peeling effect, to try to hide something below the black

zine as the viewer peels it away and reveals new information.

head headclosed3 head4

The image of the left is below the image of the right, and when peeled reveals more information.

headopen2 More than meets the eye

Another test of the peeling concept.

cover coverwhite

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