Yves Behar – Going Beyond Design

Of the artists, the one which I admire the most is Yves Behar. To simply conceptualize consumer products is something most designers do, but Yves takes it a step further by ensuring that his products are both commercially viable and incite some form of social good, to have a purpose beyond that of its literal function.

On a personal level, I respect Yveseven more with how he regarded his peers. Most designers would design a product, then throw them to the engineers to let them figure it out. Yves would figure out the process and then find the manufacturers to make it. He brought together disparate partners during the creation of his pieces.


Issey Miyake, Vue Watch


Sodastream, Play

As a product designer, we must have a sensitivity to the consequences of our choices,in a world where capitalism is king, our products dictate how the world flows. We have to make concious decisions on what we wish to leave behind.

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